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  1. says

    Speaking of landing the Eagle, something most of us did in our mid-century homes was watch and listen as men went to the moon for the first time in Apollo 11. You can relive it in real time right now at Moon orbit doesn’t begin until Sunday, with touchdown on Monday.

  2. Missouri Michael says

    hmm…mentioning “Eagle” makes me think of all the 50’s and 60’s homes around here that have Eagle decorations on the outside. Does that seem popular in other areas, or is that a local thing? Someone once told me that you were supposed to put one on your house when you had it paid off…I have no idea if that is correct though…

    • pam kueber says

      Hey Missouri Michael, I most definitely see a lot of eagles on midcentury houses. But wow: The idea that they meant you had a paid-off mortgage? That is SO POTENTIALLY COOL! Does anyone know any more about this? I have to know!

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