Depression cooking with Clara – Peppers & Eggs

claraHere is another episode of Great Depression Cooking with Clara. She was born in 1915, and in this lovely series shares recipes and memories of the era. This episode on peppers & eggs – so beautiful.


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  1. sablemable says

    Love the fact that Clara uses no fancy cookware, utensils or methods when she cooks!

    My mother used to make a wonderful hash with leftover roasts. Food was never discarded because it was a day old, and that was passed down to me by my parents (God bless them!), along with other valued advice on how to conserve.

    It’s too bad that the children nowadays do not understand the meaning of thriftiness. My parents always told us children about the depression and WW2 rationing, how they ate mustard and onion sandwiches because there was no meat to go in between the slices of bread. Or how my mother used to paint her legs with makeup and draw a seam line down her calf with a brow pencil to resemble hose. My grandparents trades skills for food and other necessities (my maternal grandma used to wash, starch and iron the family dentist’s smocks to pay for his services). I could go on.

  2. Nina462 says

    Love this! I also learned how to cook with leftovers (as did sablemable). Leftovers are often better tasting! I have my own albeit small “victory” garden growing and I collect cookbooks from the 40’s & 50’s. I’d much rather cook from scratch than convenience. And with no fancy equipment either (just the basics is all you need).
    Thanks for sharing this gem (ooh, gotta go-pie in the oven is almost done).

  3. Northside CJ says

    I love Clara, I want to get that collection. It’s so much better to make your own food, than to buy that over-processed poison filled stuff at the store.

  4. says

    Did you see her tablecloth? How typical, and how perfect. I could definitely sit at her table and eat a sandwich, although all those peppers would be a bit much. I like how she piles on the salt.

  5. says

    Watching her videos make me so happy that I want to cry – they make me miss sitting in the kitchen with my older family members, watching them cook and listening to stories.

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