Vintage pink beauty shop dryer chairs


hey pam

i am a recent subscriber to your newsletter. it’s so groovy. i own 2 houses you would love – have been in a ’58 tri-level ranch since 1983. good thing i am too lazy to change anything in my house unless it is totally worthless – which has made it a bit of a time capsule. got the nutone intercom and it still works. ceramic tile quite extensive and still have the gold fleck formica in 1/2 bath (grey w/burgundy tile). house #2 we are currently slicking up to sell – a 1948 bungalow-type house – also a decent time capsule – that has a pink tiled bathroom with gorgeous knotty pine kitchen cabinets and dining room wainscoting! new owner will have to like pink.

my main reason for contacting you is that you just have to go to ebay and look at the pair of helene curtis PINK naugahyde chairs with the hairdryers attached. must have come out of an old beauty parlor. they are sooooo cool!

love your website! maryann

Thank you, Maryann. I am so in lust with these chairs, you know me well already. And, they match the blog. 🙂


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  1. patty says

    Very cool chairs – I miss seeing those old-school beauty salons with women waiting under the row of dryers and reading the gossip magazines!

  2. says

    My Mom ran a beauty shop out of the house for many years. This reminded me of the green lounge dryer chair that is probably still in their basement. The ladies could actually put their feet up while under the dryer. There are 2 metal brackets on the back where a portable stand–mounted dryer could be “permanently” attached. Not sure if she still has the original dryer, which was a big metal behemoth with grey crinkle paint, some chrome or polished stainless, and yellowing plastic lower extension.

    If the chair is still around, I definitely need to find a place for it in our house. It’s make a great headphone–listening chair.

  3. Robert says


    You know, to me these look like reproductions. A) Look at the back and the metal that looks like “today”. It seems like back in the day the back would be black or metal like versus these that appear to be painted with brown metallic metal paint.

    Also from being at the beauty shop and seeing lots of these, the plastic part that goes over your head, well on this one it looks like a more “today” design.

    My consensus maybe wrong is these are newer reproductions.


  4. Tammie says

    I hate to burst your bubble, but after working in a salon for 30+ years, these are just recovered chair dryers. They could be about 20 years old, but not more than that. I have to agree with Robert, the hood looks too new. Most beauty colleges have some vintage dryers tucked away somewhere though! If you look for them they should not be that hard to find.

  5. atomicbowler-Laura says

    My parents were both hairdressers (Dad only part-time while not a mechanic for American Airlines), so during 1970-71 we had a beauty shop in our garage. I remember them having 2 hairdryer chairs similar to these. What fun it all was to see what color the old ladies would pick for their grey hair – pink, blue or purple! The chairs, by the way, were gold metalic vinyl which made the pink haircolor ‘pop’!

  6. Tammie says

    I shouldn’t have said anything about bursting your bubble!! The pink really is cool. I had a salon in a retirement salon and I had 2-3 chairs purring all day long! When I was a little girl I just loved going to the beauty shop with my grandma while she got her hair done.
    The ladies would have coffee and read the ” movie magazines”.
    I thought this was so fun! Working in a beauty shop is a great job, just hard on the feet after all these years!

  7. Sherri says

    Hey Maryanne,love the chairs,im a hairdresser & had a dryer that had a pointed dome for the top,had it more for looks as it would blow the curlers right of your head!Anyways you said you have a nutone intercom,so do we with a radio,we have little plugins all over the house,but cannot find the right plugins for the speakers,would you know anything about that?

    • pam kueber says

      hi kelsey, read the post closely and you can see these were on ebay. long gone, i am sure. stuff like this is around though… watch ebay, craigslist and local thrift stores, i’d say…. good luck.

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