Hollywood Regency time capsule ranch house in Burbank, Calif.


Snaps to reader Shaun, who spotted this 1950 time capsule ranch home in Burbank. It looks like it got some Hollywood Regency style updating in the 60s — very groovy. I love the living room – a long, open-concept space properly anchored by a lovely L-shaped sofa. This layout — with the couch facing the window flanked by two chairs — is so typical, inviting, and livable. Lots of great stuff in this house. Like, I want that poker table with the tufted guy chairs in avocado naugahyde (left).  One thing I would do differently in the living room if this were my house: Take the pinch pleats and valence all the way to the ceiling to maximize the impression of height.


vintage-wallpaper-railroadYou know that I love wallpaper. And in the guest bath — novelty wallpaper is even better. Coincidentally (although nothing is coincidental between the retro decorating gods and me), I just bought a stash of vintage railroad themed wallpaper (left). Life is short, people, make an impression!


The bedroom (and other parts of the house) definitely have a Hollywood Regency feel. Appropriate if you live in Burbank, I guess. Thanks to real estate agent David Fogg for the permission to use a few photos of this wonderful house.


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  1. says

    The den and the covered patio are wonderful! Love this house. Dislike the California prices, though! Wow! I think I’ve been spoiled by Iowa home prices.

  2. MrsErinD says

    That is awesome I love it all! I love the doorbell chimes, we are looking for ones like that to get someday, our house has one of those nooks that the chimes fit into but unfortunately the chimes were gone when we bought the house.

    Beautiful house and furnishings! But yes, I am spoiled by PA (near pgh) prices too, wow!

  3. Elaine says

    That bathroom! Our handmade vanity in the powder room has those same doors. The gilt edging is long gone, great to see how it should look. We also had similar wallpaper in the washroom off the garage, but it was in sad shape and has been removed.

    Those pendant lamps in the bedroom are great.

  4. Jill says

    Holy Cow! i can’t even believe it.

    My husband and I just bought this house! Really! This very 1950 California ranch house in beautiful Burbank.

    And so here I am just searching online for color palate, fabric, window treatment and flooring ideas…and I look here, and see…
    our house!

    (long story short…we had put an offer on a 1930s storybook cottage…”short sale”…9 months ago..waited and waited to hear from their bank…looked at other “character houses”…so hard to find in Burbank. Most are stucco boxes slapped up in the 40s for Lockheed workers. Most without much charm. So we expand our search and this absolute treasure shows up on the market last week!)

    We are amazed we snagged it. It was built by a local contractor in 1950 for his own family…and has never been on the market till now. And it has such a great vibe. You can tell that this was the house all the kids and grandkids came to for holidays and celebrations…great space for entertaining.
    Happy happy, joy, joy!

    And I am so happy you guys dig it too!


    • pam kueber says

      Jill – wow. And congratulations. This is a new one for the blog: A time capsule we list gets bought. The person who buys it goes online to figure out what to do to maintain it. Finds it on the blog! So cool. It will be great fun to watch what you do with it – if you are willing to share. Let us know if we can help and welcome to the Retro Renovation community.

  5. Jill says

    So what do you all think about “cottage cheese” ceilings?
    Our new home has it on the ceilings of the living room, den, and one bedroom.
    My initial reaction was, yuck…
    but then we started thinking, it does do a fine job on the accoustics…and we are taking out carpet and refinishing the wood floors…which will make the sound more bouncy…
    and it is so mid century…

    And full of asbestos…

    So, now would be the time to have it scrapped off…before we finsh the floors, if we were ever going to remove it.

    Any thoughts?

    It is not the sparkly kind, by the way…it looks to have been painted.

    • pam kueber says

      Hey, Jill, I think that cottage cheese ceilings are really a matter of taste. And thank you for mentioning the potential for asbestos: This is another situation where readers need to consult professionals and ensure they take care regarding all environmental and safety issues.

  6. Janet Gore says

    Jill, our 1961 rancher has cottage cheese ceilings in the den, laundry and powder room, and kitchen. A year ago, when we moved in, I was determined to “oust” it … I’ve since come to accept it for what it is … mid-century and great! Gook luck … we’ll all be watching!

  7. Jill says

    Hi Pam!
    I tried sending you a photo revealing the really cool thing that is hiding behind the door in that bathroom with the orange/brown Americana wallpaper…and my email bounced back at me. Can you help me with the correct email?

    I know the wallpaper has it’s fans…but i think I have a really good reason to strip it off.

    Also, Tikimama, I’ll let you know about furniture once the deal is all done.

    The door bell chimes still work! (“Westminster”) But they need a bit of tweaking, they don’t always quite strike. Such a lovely way to announce that company’s come.

  8. pam kueber says

    Ha. I just looked and the wallpaper I just bought is EXACTLY the same as the second red-and-blue train set. I declare it: “In!”

  9. Kiki Dulane says

    Hi all, and especially Jill,

    I contacted the realtors of this house right after I saw it on this site and was lucky enough to have the current owners show it to me last night (I was interested in some of the furniture – a true retro recon move!). What a gem you have! I can’t wait to see what you will do with it – and now understand why you might want to remove the bathroom wallpaper. It looks to be in beautiful condition, and I hope you share some of your renovations on this site. My heart is warmed by the fact that you will be keeping some of the most beautiful furniture pieces, they go so well in the house. The little den is amazing, and I loved all of the built in cabinets. I hope you enjoy the house, and good luck, and happy retro renovation!

    Oh, and if you change your mind and want to sell that hutch, let me know! 😉

  10. Jill says

    Hi Kiki and all,

    We just love that hutch too! We are rather new to MCM furniture (having spent our time imagining what goes in a 1932 Snow White cottage all this time) but our tastes have always been ecclectic.
    We honestly don’t know anything about the piece…other than it is perfect where it lives right now in the dining room.

    Kiki, do you also live in Burbank? Just how many devotees of retorenovation live in the area?

  11. Kiki Dulane says

    Hi Jill,

    Yes, we really loved so much of the furniture, but we have a small house in Northridge, and the only thing we really needed was a small round dining table, so we bought that. We love it! It is perfect for our space. I wanted to take much more, but we have no room.

    Good luck with the house, it is really great!

  12. Michelle says

    I love the bathroom wallpaper. Where can I get some? I have tried looking online with searches like retro bathroom wallpaper, etc…but can not find it!!

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