Vintage curtain pulls — I’m sweet on the small stuff


HAPPY SUMMER SUNDAY, everyone. Here’s a little reminder to take a moment today and celebrate the teeny tiniest little details in your home. These vintage plastic bellflower curtain pulls must have been pulled up and down a million times since they were first installed. You can see how the oils on the Mrs.’ fingertips have left their mark. I find them amazingly beautiful. Maybe it’s the small stuff that is the most important of all. Thanks to flickr friend fancymefoxy for seeing this detail, and capturing it to share. You can see her entire photostream by clicking directly on the photo.


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  1. mcmeg says

    Love your photostream! Your attention to detail is exquisite. You also have the same faucet fixtures in your pink bath as I do in my blue/grey bath. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nina462 says

    Cute, cute, cute! But definately not allowed in todays regulations (kids could choke etc….how’s about telling the kids to NOT play with them!).
    Anyhoo…cute, cute, cute!

  3. atomicbowler-dave says

    Wow! I grew up with pretty much these exact pulls, and had forgotten all about them!
    Hard to forget the off-gold-quasi-bronze embossed-pattern ‘fiberglas’ draperies from Sears that had the temerity never to rot, fade or wear out in over 30 years’ time, though!

  4. Jenda says

    Wow, thank you for that memory jog! I remember these on every window in my parents’ house but had not thought about them in years! I just love them!

  5. Robert says


    Aaahh memories. We had those pulls and they were cracked with plastic little pieces breaking off. Lord knows when they went in, I am just recounting my memories of them in the 70’s and 80’s till and as curtains got replaced.


  6. Sherri says

    How pretty,why are things not made with style & function anymore??? I love this site of like minded people.When you finnally have to replace things its hard to find anything comparable!!Love everyones storys& pics!!Thank you Pam!Im looking right now for a stove top& electric can opener(my 1963) sunbeam just stopped working!!But its to cool looking to take down!We have drape pulls like this too ,but there more bell shaped.

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