Vintage 60s orange, harvest gold, avocado and colonial brick flooring remnants

vintage-orange-persian-vinyl-flooringSecond up in 3-for-Wednesday Reader Shout-Outs: Alison spotted these vintage flooring remnants — and more if you click through — for sale at a local salvage place. Aren’t the colors fabulous?

Be cognizant, readers, that old flooring can contain asbestos; I advise consulting with a pro, and I also have links to the EPA site on the top of Fast & Easy pages, Galleries and in other spots. Alison says she tested the floors in her house when they moved in — way to go, A.

Regarding this flooring find, she writes:

Hey there,

I was at my local architectural salvage shop (Earthwise in Seattle) and they had rolls of about 5 different types of vintage 60s sheet vinyl.  Not a lot of each, but they *definitely* need to find a loving home.  Best part? They’re about $2 per roll (the rolls don’t have much, but enough to do a small bathroom, etc.  I took some pics, so let me know if you’d like me to pass them onto you.

All best,

Many thanks, Alison! Great retro recon. Carry those cameras or camera-phones, readers!

Earthwise Building Salvage – Seattle



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  1. Annie B. says

    Underneath our well worn carpeting is the brick red “Persian tile” type flooring. After viewing these photos, I’m debating on whether or not to rip up the carpeting and try to restore it.

    • pam kueber says

      Annie B., vinyl or ceramic Persian ceramic tiles? I remember the old vinyl in the house my parents built in ’74. And, the vinyl in my kitchen (installed-in-’75) . Both were like much of this stuff — but they really got beat up over the years…they were impossible to keep clean. So there might be a reason the previous owners carpeted over… That said – if I had vintage vinyl – and it tested-free-from-asbestos, and it was in good shape, I’d probably give it a try. But maybe not until I really *needed* to. Starting any renovation project always seems to open another can of worms – or two or three….

  2. gavin hastings says

    Sorry gang…..I think it is awful. Bad in 1967-and STILL bad 32 years later.
    It is the Jayne Mansfield of flooring.

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Gavin, so normally I do not let any negative type comments on the blog, as my first rule is “no one can be made to feel bad for their choices.” But you said this kind of nice, cheeky-like, so I’ll let it on. Honestly, from all that I have seen and studied in the last 7 years I really think that there is a wide wide wide world of what is “beautiful” and it is very personal. You think it’s awful. I think it’s wonderful. Who is right? We both are.

  3. James says

    Wow. I recognize that orange vinyl flooring from my parents old house, laid down in the early 70s when they were “updating” their 1952 Cape Cod-style house. I gotta say that I agree with Gavin’s assessment- but agree with Pam that diversity of opinion/taste is (usually) a good thing.

  4. Laurie says

    That wood grained pattern covered the basement steps, kitchen, utility room and dining room of my parents’ 1976 colonial-style ranch. Mom finally replaced it with Pergo two years ago, except for the basement steps, which still sport the vinyl. I believe it might have been Congoleum. It wore like iron and hers was just as fresh and clean as the day she got it. It kind of made me dizzy, though, due to the vast square footage of that pattern installed in our house.

  5. Missouri Michael says

    I was thinking that it would look really cool to cut pieces from these and frame them to make a collage for a kitchen wall.

  6. gavin hastings says

    O.K…..I’ll be more “optomistic”…
    Actually, The Donohue’s (Jack and Jeanne) next door to me had that avocado Persian tile floor in their mid-60″s kitchen. It was paired with an avocado side-by-side and matching 2 unit push button range. Of course, the other colors used were pale, pale gold and orange. The walls were celery. Burnt orange octagon dishware….and a portable television on the dishwasher…..I was 9 years old and assumed they were very, very wealthy. Their 1969 GTO was the same color combination.

  7. Nina462 says

    Misouri Michael…in my 74 townhome, I found the original ‘playroom like carpeting’ behind a cabinet…it was a piece about 12″ x 12″–and I did indeed make a hanging photo of it!! (It was hideous, but was a sample of what it looked like originally).

  8. kristin says

    How do I go about contacting the seller of the above flooring?
    I am interested in what sizes there are for an entry way.

    Thank you!

  9. pam kueber says

    kristin, the link to earthwise building seattle is right above the photo with the avocado persian flooring shown. please also read the whole post to note the the potential for asbestos – and make sure that you get informed / consult with a pro on this issue. good luck.

  10. says

    I love it. My mother had it in our kitchen back in the 70’s. It all got “updated” in the 80’s with a “southwestern” style, all peach and teal. Then again in the 90’s… still southwest, but more muted…

  11. Joel Riehl says

    We had the 2nd frame down – the orange mediterranean tile pattern – in the house my parents built in 68/69. I remember seeing the avocado version when out shopping for materials too. Funny how it all of a sudden doesn’t look so bad. Wonder how these things can sneak back into the mix. I’ve noticed for the past couple of years the sort of neo-Baroque patterning from 60s wall paper coming back into vogue – but in black and white (almost as if seen on an old TV), not color. Anyway, great page! I was looking for an image of that floor.

  12. sheri says

    I have flooring that is much older than the 70s. Any ideas about what I could do with it? It is still in good shape.

    • pam kueber says

      I’m not sure what is your question, Sheri. I do want to note to consult with a properly licensed professional about what materials are in your flooring before you mess with it. Renovate Safe.

  13. Renee says

    We had the vinyl flooring that looks like the avacodo but it was in two tone golden yellow and mustard. We had to cover over it because it was soft and got scratched and nicked. The sink, range hood and oven door are still in avacodo green.

  14. Cheryl says

    Hi I really need some of these 60s vinyl floors the red or green are fab! How can I get them to Australia? ASAP!

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