Fabulous St. Charles metal kitchen cabinets for sale in Pittsburgh

st-charles-cabinets-in-pittsburgh-460Reader Jeff spotted these St. Charles cabinets just like Erika’s for sale at Construction Junction in Pittsburgh. They are spectacular. And a terrific price: $600 for this set, and a second set available for $500. That is A LOT of cabinets to work with, with makes it easier to fit into your kitchen — a rare find. Woah, I love these. Love love love love love. Thanks, Jeff!!! You get exclamation points for this one.


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  1. Joe says

    I just texted my friend who might be in the market for new cabinets. We’ll see what she thinks. Pitts is only about 6 hours from here.

  2. Virginia says

    Ooooer! Just changed my mind about the “wood face/color body” issue. Gorgeous! I think the pulls are what do it for me.

  3. MIke Jefferson says

    So, where can one purchase these metal retro kitchen cabinets that are in good shape.Also, powder coating old sets works wonders and restores to a better than original finish. Just like new!

  4. Lauren says

    We are getting ready to do a kitchen remodel, and we currently have two varieties of St. Charles cabinets in our kitchen: the dark wood-overlay ones with the silver trim/handle detailing and plain white metal ones with silver handles. I would hate to see them tossed in the garbage, especially since they are such a “retro-niche” style that someone may truly fall in love with. I would love to sell…where should I start?

  5. Bill Staber says

    Does anyone know what year these cabinets are? I have a full kitchen of this in my S. Jersey home and would love to sell. By the way..all my St. Charles pieces have under-cabinet lighting.

  6. Holly D says

    It may just be on my end, but something seems wrong with the forum. The topics can be clicked but the individual posts are not viewable.
    Just wanted to let you know.

    • pam kueber says

      Holly D, yes there does seem to be something wrong with the forum right now. I put in a ticket fixit request with my tech team, I am sure they will get it fixed fast. Thank you for alerting me!

  7. Bob Brandolini says

    I have a set of St Charles metal cabinets in my kitchen. I am remodeling and wonder if there is any resale value for these cabinets. I will check this website for comments. Thanks.

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