Home Sweet Kitchen: All this Week

housewifeTHE MID-CENTURY KITCHEN: It encapsulates so much about American culture of the time, including modern design, space-age technologies, and postwar consumerism. All this week at RetroRenovation.com, we’ll be taking a look at the mid-century kitchen and its place in the history of America’s Kitchens. Leading each day’s kitchen stories will be my good friend Erica Donnis, an independent historian and museum consultant based in Burlington, Vermont. She recently visited the America’s Kitchens exhibit and will be bringing us spotlights on design and technology — and a couple of fabulous examples of mid-century kitchens.


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    • pam kueber says

      hi super kawaii mama, sorry i failed you on a color reco. you could probably tell… i like to let folks choose themselves… it’s such a personal decision… i can’t wait to see your kitchen? can i fly to new zealand this weekend for a visit?

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