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  1. Gavin says

    Funnily enough I was going to mention the kettle. It’s an example of Picquot ware. A British mid-century classic actually made of aluminium (aluminum) probably due in part to the huge amount of surplus aircraft left over after WWII (My father was in the RAF then and said that there were so many that at one point they gave up trying to scrap them and actually bull-dozed many into the ground in Scotland where he was stationed!) You can get the originals on ebay or buy them new at: The kettle was followed by a series of other items in the same style. IMO the new tray is not as fine looking as the original but otherwise they appear identical.

  2. Gavin says

    Forgot to mention that the picquot ware stuff is pretty expensive! We picked up ours second-hand.for a fraction of new prices. You can pick up some easily on:

    As to the great British eye-level grill, sadly most new UK kitchens seem no longer to have them. The standard appears to be separate hob (with irritating waist-level grill) and wall oven plus a separate microwave. Pathetic. I think many people see the cooker/grill as old-fashioned. Mid-century / Retro kitchens are as much a niche over here as anywhere…

  3. tamara says

    HI all, that’s it you have convinced me, Right Gavin, I am bring my cooker with me when I move. The house has gas and it just means saving a bit of money to have the pipes put in the kitchen. What is the sence of moving into a post war house and not taking my post war cooker…. and besides I can’t cook on electric. So I shall get a second hand electric cooker and bring my gas cooker. You should ship yours Gavin, there is no way you will be able to replace it again in your lifetime. Mine I have had longer then my children, to many good memories to just get rid of it…. if only my cooker could speak! Regards all, tamara

  4. midmodms says

    Thanks Gavin for the info on the kettle. I have never seen another one here in the US, only on the occasional British tv show, and now in this advertisement. Didn’t know it was aluminum!

  5. says

    Yes, you can still get cookers with eyelevel grills, they are made by Parkinson Cowan. I believe the last one I had was a ‘Lyric’.
    The kettle is actually made of an alloy of aluminium and magnesium called magnailium which can be polished to a high shine, and does not incur the same reported health risks as raw aluminium products. You can also get the the kettle cheaper than from the Picquot website if you do a Google Product search (I know, because the shop I work in sells them). I believe that the company are looking to expand the range this year.

  6. Jerry says

    I work in a restaurant, and these grills are still very commonplace in restaurants. We call them “salamanders”, as one poster has already noted. The difference is that the heat comes from up above, rather than from below as in a barbecue.

    The grills wouldn’t be as useful in a home. If you wanted heat from above (as in a salamander), you’d simply use the broiler in the oven.

    So these grills would nowadays be redundant.

  7. richard says

    love the fifties, i collect pyrex ,and the thing above the cooker is yes a grill i had one as a kid liveing in england richard

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