Gorgeous mid-century sectional sofa + special offer to readers

mid-century-sectionalReader Lara spotted this amazing green brocade mid-century sectional, available from Etsy seller RedEyeVintage. The sofa is in Portland, Maine, and it’s $4,600. To be sure, that is a lot of money — but I have never seen a sectional this beautiful. And apparently it’s in phenomenal shape – kept under the proverbial plastic slip covers for years. Note the variation in the tufting on the sofa back. It also has side table built in at one end, and the ottoman converts to a coffee table. This one – pure lust. Update: Seller Marnie is thrilled I’m featuring this. If you are really interested – mention this site and she will take $250 off the purchase price.


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  1. pam kueber says

    Oh yeah, Cindy, I can see it in mine, too — two different places. This is excruciating. How ’bout you and I buy it — and time share?

  2. pam kueber says

    Also – I don’t think that $4,600 is an unreasonable price. I found my sectional – it cost me $300. I then spent $250 on fabric (really cheap, I found it at an outlet), then another $1,000 (or more, I forget exactly) to reupholser it. The new upholstery job is not holding up particularly well – as the back of my sectional is very tufted, too. We need to have it repaired. To get something completely pristine – that will hold up without need for reupholstery for many more years — I don’t think the price is out of this world.

    • Jason says

      I bought a Krohler 3 pc sectional on Ebay for $800, then spent an additional $3K+ in good fabric and reupholstery. I often consider the price of a well cared for original Vs the cost to reupholster.

  3. says

    LUST?? ABSOLUTELY! Holy cow it’s amazing. LOVE! would give up the first child for this….ah, good thing I don’t have one….Beautifully delicious! Whomever adds it to their home is one lucky dog. If I owned it I’d end up being too controlling about how it got sat upon, and absolutely no dogs allowed.

  4. Retrocat says

    I absolutely love it! If that is in fact the original upholstery, it had to have been a custom order, because that fabric was really not the trend during that time period (late 1950s to 1960s) for that style of sofa. That fabric is the type of fabric you would have seen on a French Provencial Sofa of that era. I still think it looks great, though!

  5. Joe says

    Not to detract from this wonderful couch but it you hit eBay on any given day and search MidCentury sectional, Danish sofa, 1950’s couch, etc, you’ll find a slew of options that are much less than this one. I’m sure someone has the budget for this awesome couch, just not me.

    • pam kueber says

      i hear ya, joe, but i’ve been watching for years, and i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything as wonderful as this….

  6. Lara Jane says

    I’m with you, Pam.

    I do watch eBay and Craigslist and any other site I can think of… Yes, many nice 1950s sofas can be had for a few hundred dollars, but I haven’t seen one this exquisite in a long time!

    I shared it in the hopes that someone in our circle will snag it. Indeed, it’s not out-of-this world expensive, but it is out of my grasp, not to mention my geographical area.

    Someone take this baby home! And please let us know so we can share your joy while simultaneously seething with envy! 😉

  7. sixoh says

    I bought one of these in ’96 for $50. It didn’t have the ottoman and it was rust colored. It was every bit as perfect as this one…I sold it on ebay in 2001 for…..$300! Zoinks!

  8. TappanTrailerTami says

    This is pure sectional lust! The most obvious and amazing thing about this set is that it has survived its entire life without becoming a scratching post for a cat or cats *shudder*

  9. MrsErinD says

    Wow just dreamy!!!!! I would love to have this, but way outa my budget too, so I will just be happy with my new corona sofa! ;O)

  10. says

    Hi there,

    Love your site, and need to spend more time on here, as we inherited a ton of mid-century furniture, etc. Plus, we love this style, and our next house will be modern! I bought a Reese sectional from Room & Board that has the same kind of lines as the sofa above. And it was almost as expensive, but we love it. I have gotten so many comments on what a cool shape it is.

  11. Grace Billings says

    Hi Pam, I accidently came across your site in my daily search for a set as awesome as this one. This is actually a funny (or not so funny) story I should say. I would visit this set online often as I was too scared to metion it to my husband because of the price and the shipping cost. Then when it got sold I hunted down the buyer who is not ready to part with it at this time. In the meantime I finally told my husband about it and have since showed it to him and he felt so bad he said the next time I come across my dream sofa set to just purchase it. Unfortunately, even though I look on craigslist, Ebay, Etsy, Google and Yahoo almost daily I haven’t come close. If you ever see anything like this if there is anyway you could contact me (probably impossible otherwise you would be contacting millions of people, lol) I would be forever grateful. Thanks! grace

  12. natschultz says

    Re-upholstering antique sofas is very expensive! It usually ends up costing a lot more than high-end new furniture.

    We have an 1800’s carved English mahogany sofa and chair that we got at an estate sale in the 1980’s and had upholstered (boring brocade). The upholstery on those has held up ok, but another chair done by the same upholsterer barely lasted a few years (definitely invest in heavy-duty upholstery).

    The sofa required 20 yards of material and a few years ago I got a super deal on a cashmere-wool blend camel-colored coating fabric ($15/yard) that I purchased to re-upholster the sofa, and a nifty modern chenille inspired by morrocan tiles for the chair. The problem is that the cost of re-upholstering these items is more than a new sofa and chair! (not including the fabric). I plan to have the chair re-upholstered, but may just buy a new sofa instead (to be honest, it has never been very comfortable to sit on).

    The biggest problem is that a lot of the highly-skilled upholsterers have retired / gone out of business because they just cannot compete with the new, cheap furniture on the market. So you have to be careful that you hire a skilled upholsterer, and that will cost a fortune! Otherwise your “investment” may not last 🙁

  13. Marcey says

    I have my grandmothers sofa. Its similar to this one in shape only it doesn’t have the high legs, there is no ottoman and it has been reupholstered – sometime in the late 70s I think. I LOVE this sofa, but I’m going to have to get rid of it. Last weekend we had to throw out the cushions and the upholstery is coming apart. (For 25 years Grandma had it in her CA home in a room that got the full brunt of the western sun, then it moved to NM and sat in storage for 2 years, then moved to PA 10 years ago and has endured life with my two kids for most of that time!) In addition to new cushions, it would take about 20 yds. of fabric. The back is only tufted with 2 buttons in each section.
    My husband hates this sofa and though I love it, it is really the wrong shape & size for our house – otherwise I would put the $$$ into redoing it. I would love to sell it to someone who’d also love it as much as me. Anyone have any suggestions as to the best place to find such a person? I live in Central PA…

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