Marshmallow resistance

Could you defer gratification — resist a marshmallow — when you were a weebit? Some research indicates that if you could, you would likely do better later in life…the trait would pay off. Either way, this is just about the most hilarious video ever. Thanks for friends at The Sister Project for spotting it. TGIF, all.


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  1. says

    How funny! that was great. That’s how I would be if you put me alone in a room with chocolate. — I love the last little girl, it’s like she didn’t even hear “you’ll get two if you wait.”

  2. Lara Jane says

    omg so funny, that little redhead! haha! They’re all adorable and I’m surprised so many of them had the willpower to wait! (Willpower is something I was born without!)

  3. spinsLPs says

    At first I thought, that would be no sweat. But then I thought, what if instead of a marshmallow there was a can of beer…

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