Ohana Luau on the Lake


I am at the Ohana Luau on the Lake all weekend. It is being held at the Tiki Motor Inn Resort on Lake George, NY, which is billed as the last surviving 60s era tiki resort in America. I am so excited — in particular because Mr. Retro Renovation adores tiki. I plan to take lots of photos, drink many large sweet rum drinks, and acquire a polynesian name. So watch for a tiki report next week.


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  1. Mad Modern says

    How fun…..what a great ad too!
    Do they serve ‘ChiChi’s’? Which if I recall from family trips to Hawaii, are the Hawaiian versions of Pina Coladas!

  2. sixoh says

    That’s awesome! We had a restaurant here in Columbus, Oh called the Kahiki. It was freakin awesome and all kinds of famous people were there to eat. Of course in 2001 the city couldn’t help itself and TORE IT DOWN FOR A WALGREENS!!! Look it up online and see what a beautiful place we lost. I was there once when I was 7…

  3. Retro Junkie says

    How sad that they tore it down, especially for a chain store. I love Hawaii and all that goes with it, luau’s, the flowers, hawaiian shirts and muumuu’s… ahhhh Maybe it’s time for a vacation. Aloha

  4. says

    Oh I adore tiki places that have survived. When my husband and I went to Boston to be married we happened upon a Polynesian restaurant in Saugus that has survived called Kowloon. Aesthetically speaking that has got to be the best restaurant experience I’ve ever had!

  5. Mary-Frances Main says

    Oh my God Pam! It’s awesome! What a funny website too! Thanks for that click through and I’m dying for photos!

  6. Robert says

  7. says

    So happy you found the link on my website and were able to snag some tickets! I was hoping my hubby and I could go, but his schedule did not permit. Hopefully you’ve met Kiki and Fang and the Velveteen Lounge gang. The NYC tiki contingent came down to Philly last year for a tiki drink night and they were the nicest bunch of folks, I am sure you guys are having a great time, and this weather looks wonderful!

    I am a huge fan of Kowloon in Saugus MA too, it is one of the last remaining giant tiki restaurants in Mass. We don’t have anything like that in the PA/DE/MD/NJ area so I try to go there whenever I can when visiting home.


  8. Joe says

    It’s on our list of things to do, maybe next year. I’m still recovering from the weekend, we did my Bachelor Party down in Baltimore.

  9. Dave & Shauntelle says

    We were there too!
    So much fun and the room crawl was the best! I’m still recovering! I can’t wait for next year!

  10. atomicbowler-dave says

    We even had a boat in the Anacortes Yacht Charters fleet named Ohana…and I still don’t know what the word means! Wikipedia here I come!

    There did used to be a squalid and sorta disreputable chinese restaurant in town here called the China Delight which boasted an even more disreputable lounge called the Rattan Room. No carved idols, but otherwise pretty much Tiki down to all the bamboo abd grasscloth on the walls, the bar, the overhead…phony palms, the works! Dated to the early 60’s and lived until the owner died about 5 years ago. You couldn’t have paid me to eat the food and I’m not sure I’d have taken a date there, but it sure was cool!

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