Report from Luau on the Lake

DSC_0487I don’t think that I have ever shown a photo of Mr. Retro Renovation on the blog. That is me with my husband David at the Luau on the Lake. He nearly has pneumonia right now, but he is holding up and hanging in there with me as we enjoy our tiki weekend in Lake George, New York. The dinner and Polynesian show at the Tiki Motor Inn Resort were a hoot. The dinner included Spam prepared in some unique way that no one quite cared about, because rum was also being imbibed. Mai Tai’s have re-entered my consciousness in a big way.  They will not outpace the importance of coffee in my life, but woah I like them a lot. Tiki people are super fun.  We are having a very good time. “Ohana”: I learned that it means: Family.


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  1. Cindy says

    Hi Pam and Dave! You both look great in the photo but I hope Dave is feeling better! Can’t wait to hear where you put your tiki art, it is beautiful – tell us more about these tiki shows…….is it an art show with dinner, music, etc?? I’ve never heard of one and wouldnt’ know where to find it but it sure sounds fun!

  2. Elizabeth Mary says

    Oh my, I had forgotten about Mai Tai’s and how much I liked them way back then. Right now I can’t even remember when or where I drank them, but they were a favorite for sure. Glad you are having so much fun over here in my state. That place sounds like a hoot so I may have to check it out.

  3. says

    Ohana, isn’t that a great word? I love how the Tiki community embraces that concept of family, because I’ve felt an immediate kinship with the folks that I’ve met through tiki events and
    I got a great vintage Hawaiian dress yesterday at a place I’ll be featuring on Retro Roadmap ( if only to use it as an excuse to get together with the tiki gang more often!

    Glad you had a great time despite the health issues, and that the Mai Tai – a fave of mine- has resurfaced! Aloha!

  4. kristen says

    I LOVE Lake George, I had no idea there was a Tikki Motor Inn. The water there is perfect, I hope it’s not too cold to swim!

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