More: MIB Nutone Food Center and MIB Hall-Mack bathroom hardware

It’s always amazing to see this stuff still mint-in-box. I always want to know the story: Where did it come from? Why did it sit for 50 years unopened? Who finally uncovered it? And — where will it go! Today: Four parts of a vintage Nutone Food Center – including the base. And if you are doing your bathrooms – there’s some great Hall-Mack chrome from both the Coronado and Metropolitan line.


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  1. atomicbowler-dave says

    This reminds me a question I have brewing, which may run a bit off topic, but….
    At work we just took a new (to us) 47′ motor yacht into charter fleet management, and I am told by the fleet rep assigned to the boat that it has a Nutone “Blender” built into the galley counter. The boat was built appx. 12 years ago and I have to say I was a bit surprised to hear that. Knowing my atomic fetish the fleet rep in question asked me about it and I had no idea where to get the parts….the motor runs, countertop cover is present, but no pitcher or blades. Anyone have ideas or place to stat looking other than hit-miss on e-bay and hope there aren’t multiple varieties?
    We have over 73 boats in the fleet at this time spread over 4 marinas, and I have yet to see this boat in person. Hoping to get over to her next week and will most definitely get whatever photos and specifics I can.

  2. Jason says

    Wow, I always wondered what the rest of that nu-tone blender thing looked like! House I had in Cleveland had the base built right into the yellow, gold specked formica. Turned it on once and immediately blew a fuse! We ended up taking it out to put in ceramic tile counters. Never could find any parts or accessories for it.

  3. Norris Nimetz says

    I am very interested in the Nutone food center. The listing had pictures of the bath fixtures but not the food center. Is it the built-in base unit?

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