Never clean the bottom of your oven again

non-stick-oven-linerFor those of us living deprived of a self-cleaning oven, the Vermont Country Store offers a non-stick oven liner. You put it on the bottom of your oven to catch drips. You then can pull it out and wipe it clean. Guess I will have to get one of these. But, I will need to check, first, if it’s parakeet-friendly. Also, for who is going to make the pie. New this fall, $14.95 online at Vermont Country Store.


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  1. MidCent Keith says

    I’ve learned from mom to use a piece of alluminum foil to catch any drips – not cleanable, but it does the job. Just remember to keep the circulation holes along the edge of the oven floor uncovered.

  2. Annie B. says

    Not a bad idea for those of us who have self-cleaning ovens.
    (There should be an industrial use for blueberry pie drippings!)

  3. sablemable says

    I bought one of these but haven’t used it yet. For gas ovens, it goes on the bottom rack.
    I’ve always put my pies on a jellyroll pan to catch the drips, as I despise cleaning ovens, LOL!

  4. Deb says

    Unfortunately this is made of Teflon, which has gotten a lot of bad press lately. I also use an old cookie sheet in my oven to catch drips. It’s not very pretty, but it works.

  5. Criss says

    Yeah, I’d save the money and use foil, which is recyclable, or an old cookie sheet, which is washable and probably ultimately recyclable too. Aside from killing birds, Teflon is a product that involves staggeringly toxic manufacturing byproducts that have shown up in basically every living thing on earth, even in remote jungles and suchlike. No thanks!

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