Miller Studios chalkware fish on ebay

Of course, chalkware fishes — and mermaids and starfishes — are also rockin’ over on ebay.

And the seller below, Vintage Mermaids and Fish, has some beautiful pieces — including lots of ceramic, rather than chalkware. Sophisticated collector prices come with this territory:


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  1. lizk says

    That’s funny… I just passed up a pair of pink chalkware fish at an estate sale. They were cute but I already have enough pink in my bathroom. I did keep the original Japanese-inspired bird on a cherry tree plastic cutout that we found hanging above the toilet.

  2. msholiday says

    I just purchased two really cute fish with the bubbles on ebay. They are for my 1950’s bathroom. I received one in beautiful shape last week and looking forward to my next one next week.

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