Nancy’s pink poodle bathroom


nancys-pink-poodle-curtainsNancy is the official reader representative on the  Save the Pink Bathrooms website. I really needed a reader to help me illustrate our quest… I remembered her great bathroom from the post a year ago (exactly one year about today, actually!) and asked her if she were game to help with another photo showing off a quintessential pink bathroom. Thank you so much, Nancy!  Nancy wholeheartedly embraced her pink bathroom way before I even had the blog. She writes: “My husband and I are restoring a 1959 split-level home back to its original midcentury glory. Luckily, most of the original fixtures and features were never updated – including a pink bathroom! In fact, our pink hall bathroom is part of what sold us on the house.” Nancy found the vintage plastic poodle curtains, left, just last week. Her poodle accessorizing is now complete, she says, so you won’t be competing with her if you go after this MIB inventory heading forward.


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  1. Fiona - Notorious Kitsch says

    I LOVE that shower curtain! How has a shower curtain survived in such fabulous condition?

    Love everything about it, off to dream about moving to US and owning a fab 50’s home with a pink bathroom


  2. MrsErinD says

    I just LOVE that bathroom! ( I have seen the other pics!) That is my other most favorite pink bathroom ever besides my Mom’s, I am crazy about poodles too! Just a perfect job!

  3. Robert says


    If I see this right, the toilet seat color is a bit off from the porcelain.

    I notice because I am almost sure that the porcelain is the same color of my mothers in her master bath. I am sure it is the same toilet. They bought the house in 1973 and it had a white toilet seat and my dad went to one of those have old color item plumbing stores and got one that was a exact match. However, it had a workmanship flaw but that wasn’t too noticeable and that was in 1973.

    Since, over the years that seat succomed and we have never been able to get that exact match in one.

    Where to go to get that exact match?

    Off subject but out of necessity, my mother is going to assisted living next week so within a year our ownership of that property will be no longer. Of course it is a big change and move for my mother so please keep her in your thoughts.

    If I can, when it gets vacated, I will try to snap a picture or two of the bathrooms. The main one is gray.


    • adam richards says

      most everyone has a professional painters store or an automotive body shop (that of course does painting). well, get you some paint chips some place, get as close a match as possible to your toilet, and have some custom paint mixed up. then, have the body shop paint your toilet seat for you (disassemble it first though)

  4. Glamorlux Nancy says

    Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!!! i sorta wish our bathroom had even more pink (tile up the wall, etc.), but I think in ’59 they were trying to “stream-line” a bit.
    Robert – You are correct… the toilet seat is a replacement. I ordered one from “Color Direct Toilet Seats”. They send you a kit with color chips, and you match it to your toilet, then send them a form with the color you want. I’m fairly satisfied with the match, however it would be nice to find a real vintage one!
    Gretchen – Can’t even remember why I initially picked poodles for this bathroom – ha, ha! I have flamingos in our basement half-bath, which is all white. So, you could work your flamingos in with any color =)
    Again, thanks Pam and everyone for making my bathroom famous!

  5. Elaine Stark says

    I am desperatly looking for that shower curtain for my daughters bathroom. Can you please direct me in the right direction!!!

    • pam kueber says

      Elaine, desperation is futile in such endeavors. Watch and ebay and make humble offerings to the retro decorating gods. BTW, if I see vintage shower curtains, I always post them on my ebay carousels and my etsy favorites. So check here daily to be the early bird that catches the worm… err, elusive poodle shower curtain. BTW there ARE fabrics with poodles. See my Osgoods post. You could probably make a shower curtain.

  6. Elaine Stark says

    So I am still looking for a shower curtain that is similar to the one shown. If anyone has one that exact one or is similar please let me know. I am willing to pay whatever it is worth.

  7. Delaine says

    Iam desperate for some floor tile like yours to repair my pink bathroom. Previous owner must have broken a bunch of them and filed the hole in with concrete. I was able to remove the concrete and had the idea of removing some of the original tiles from the middle of the floor and relocate to the areas to be patched, however I am having a difficult time removing the ‘good floor tiles’ in one piece. I did look at the Nemo site – but the larger squares seem to have a marbled effect, where mine seem to be solid color.

    Hope someone can help either with ideas of how to get good tiles removed or buy some to match.

  8. Kami says

    I have exactly the same tub, floor tiles, and toilet as this pic. Our friend says (from Steel Magnolias) “Blush and Bashful, my signature colors”.

  9. says

    Wow– Nancy has our bathroom!

    Floor tole, tub, toilet, etc– the heat register is even in the same place!

    — we have possibly trumped her with our pink wall tile.

    Thanks for this site!

  10. KE Smith says

    Have a pink bath (what is still left of it anyway) in a mid-50s ranch outside Portland. I have been trying to find the name of both the tub and the color of tub enclosure wall tiles and where to find either originals or repros. Tub color and wall tiles are slightly different – one more ‘flesh’ toned and one more pink with brick colored edging. Have visited multiple large tile dealers in the city and they can only guess at who manufactured them. Their best guesses were Daltile or American Olean (?). Can you help?

    The tub enclosure is all that is left of the original bathroom. The sink, counter and toilet all long since changed – but would like to preserve what is still there. I love the colors. Found the original lino – was lemon yellow, pink and seafoam streaks! I think the original wall was a seafoam green. Actually very pretty…

    The other bath has a shower with a similar tile, speckled in gold colored flecks but also edged in the same brick-like color tile. Any suggestions on that one?

    Many, many thanks – am so glad I found your site!


    • pam kueber says

      See category: Bathrooms / Tile for companies with vintage pinks available. B&W or Anne Sacks may be your best bet.

  11. Clairlyn says

    I got such a kick out of your poodle pink bathroom. When I was growing up we too had a pink poodle pink bathroom.

    A funny story about the poodle wallpaper in the our bathroom is that my grandfather wanted something to do while he was visiting so Mom said he could wallpaper the bathroom. We thought he did a wonderful job until I sat in the bathroom staring at the wallpaper and realized that Grandpa didn’t match up the paper. It was such a a little thing to match but ever since I spotted it, it bugged for 8 years, then we moved. The matching that needed to happen was just a little corner of a rug, so no wonder Grandpa missed it.

    Thank you for the memories.

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