Pink bathroom accessories on etsy

etsy pink bathroom accessories

Jump onto my favorites page and see the things that I have found for pink bathrooms — and bathrooms of other colors, as well. Hot item: There’s a vintage MIB shower curtain — pink with carnations, $14.50 — that is to die for. And, the yellow Mod Squad number in the shot above — not to0 bad, either.  Snap ’em up, someone, please!


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  1. says

    Wasn’t me – no funds! Sure was fun to look through all your favorites, though! Thanks for “heart”ing my brass fish trivets!
    What is your fascination with 1980s eyeglasses?! If I’d known mine would be “vintage” I wouldn’t have donated them to the Lions Club (jk) 😉

  2. RetroCo says

    I have this scale; it’s great. It works well and you can use it regularly because the top is solid–no risk of the breakage that you run into with the materials on many vintage Borgs.

  3. Brandi says

    I live in a home with 4 boys and so Pink isn’t something I get to do often, but I love the color! I decided to do my laundryroom in this retro pink color because, hey lets be honest, none of my boys will ever spend much time there! Its MY room and so I can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the inspiration!

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