Cats love pink bathrooms, too

daisy and pink bathroomElizabeth Mary writes: “My cat Daisy has recently become fascinated with my computer monitor and is glued to it in the evenings. But, this morning, she got up on the desk as soon as I turned on the computer. I thought you would like to see her admiring the your post.”


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  1. Annie B. says

    Cats through the looking glass! This is wonderful. Daisy looks like a tortie, too. Kitty Mom is awfully pretty in pink.
    Cats are seriously into retro renovation these days, on many levels. Our tortie, Posie, decided to do a little renovation work of her own on the bedroom curtains at 4:00 am last Saturday. Not mid mod enough, in her opinion; off they came along with curtain rod right onto Mom’s sleeping head. Message received, baby girl.

  2. Elizabeth Mary says

    Annie B, Yes, there is a bit of tortie in Daisy, as well as some calico. Top, side, back views are tortie, but definitely calico from the front and tummy. As for curtains — none in my house because the first ones I had got shredded in about a week. That was 25 years ago and they were pretty dotted swiss that came with the 1926 stucco bungalow I had just moved into. From then on, it has been shades and/or valance and that is it.

  3. Annie B. says

    Elizabeth Mary,

    Daisy is a real beauty! Her intelligence is obvious due to her choice of reading material. Our feline family, once out of kittenhood, has been fairly kind to window treatments; however, Posie’s recent moonlight escapade makes me want to go totally “California ranch” with the windows: rip off all dust-and-cat-catching fabric – except of course in the bedroom. Maybe Pam could offer advice on ’50’s bedroom window treatments, cat-friendly or otherwise. My husband will not go for Venetian blinds, sadly, as they are a perfect fix. Oh, well.

  4. Annie B. says

    Ah! I have found the perfect idea for my window treatment right here (where else?)……..roller shades, decorative rod, pinch pleats.
    Got it! Thanks a million, Pam.

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