Pretty mid-century light finial

crystal ball finialI took this photo at an estate sale last year — I loved the crystal finial (if that’s what it’s called) on this pull-down light. This fixture was in the dining room. I like how the crystal trim gives the atomic fixture a little bit of traditional formality. This also makes me wonder: Could you take a lamp finial, and use it on the bottom of a pull-down lamp?


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  1. St. Christopher says

    Huh! I never thought of that. Ours has a (rather dull) little acorn on it. I’d love to find something a little flashier. Great….another search to obsess over!

    Pam, do you think that the glass in the above fixture is original? It looks cool like that but I’m thinking that it’s been replaced with a smaller piece.

  2. Mad Modern says

    Love it!
    This really brings forth in my mind a question.
    If you wander the aisles of your typical home store (Lowes, Home D., etc) you find a lot of dull and uninspired light fixtures.
    The question is….what is it about the 50’s and early 60’s, that resulted in more ‘artistic’ and daring design?

    How did ‘we’ get so dull?
    Affordable lighting today, should be so sweet.

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