Beautyware Cleanser Cabinet

beautyware-cleanser-cabinetbeautyware-cleanser-cabinet-insidePostnBeam spotted this on ebay and posted it on the Forum. It’s a MIB “Beautyware Cleanser Cabinet.” All metal, with plastic inserts — a great little storage item for your vintage bathroom. Read more description and get the link to the auction after the jump.

The auction says:

It’s a cleanser cabinet that you can use either in the kitchen or bathroom.  This unique item is white with copper doors.  Inside are two shelves with plastic inserts so the metal will not rust.  There are four holes on the back for mounting, and small bar underneath for hanging small cleaning cloths from.  There are no scratches, dents, or rust marks.  One of the doors has very small ripple in it, not noticeable unless you run your hand over it.  There is some dried tape residue on it; I’ll let you clean it off.  It measures 12 ½” long, 8 ½” tall and 5” deep.

Thank you, PostnBeam, you rock… and get the reader of the week award. Here’s the link.


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  1. Eucritta says

    The doors on this probably aren’t copper – at least, I’ve got an old worn Beautyware kitchen canister & breadbox set, inherited from my grandmother, where the ‘copper’ is actually varnished pink aluminum. And if anyone here knows how to strip, clean and refinish it, I’m all eyes!

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