Merry MIB Madness

Okay, so *everything* is not MIB in this set. But there’s some really cool stuff here. I note that the Sexton cats — set of three — are becoming must-haves for any mid century interior. Tip: If their finish is all clawed up, spray paint them in a high gloss 60s or 70s color like Brady Bunch kitchen countertop orange… avocado… chartreuse… or ?


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  1. says

    My grandmother had one of those “autopoint indexes” right next to her phone in the front hallway of her house, and we loved to play with it as kids. I will have to start looking for one for myself now, that looks like hers. One thing I remember about “grammy in Dedham”‘s house was that the phone bell wasn’t in the phone but mounted at the top of the stairs on the wall, near the bannister. And she had one of those cool kitchen towels on a roll, for wiping your hands with. I have the piece of marble from the top of her ice box, that she later put on a small chest of drawers and had in her kitchen, with aprons and tea towels in the drawers. I remember rolling out pie crusts on that with her, or making garlic bread with my great aunt Agga there too.
    Whoa! Funny how a little thing like an eBay find can trigger such a stream of memories- thanks for indulging me!

  2. Hugh says

    I still have our “autopoint indexe”. I am playing with it right now. However, I had forgotton about the towels on a roll. My father had one at his place of buisness. A man would come around and change the roll. It was also fun to play with. Hugh

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