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    Thanks for posting these tips! Never, ever let someone come to your home unless it’s an absolute necessity – and if it is a necessity perhaps due to the size of the item that you are selling, move the item outside if possible.

    If possible, meet them in a highly visible public place with the item and never go alone. Oh, and don’t go to their home alone.

    In our neighborhood, we’ve recently had a rash of people coming to look at items posted on Craigslist but instead, their motive was to case homes. Each time, the homes were broken into within the next couple of days.

    Also, don’t give out lots of personal information in your ad – i.e. “We just had a new baby and need to make space” or “Please bring someone with you to pick up the couch. I live alone and am not that strong.” (both ads that I have seen) We need to remember the “Stranger Danger” rules that we teach children.

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