Vintage Lilly Pulitzer

THINGS I AM JUST CRAZY ABOUT THESE DAYS: Vintage Lilly Pulitzer clothing. Ever since I did the feature on Christine’s salt ‘n pepper pink bathroom – which had green walls and that Lily look.  I love the Lilly Pulitzer maxi dresses in particular, but there are some other fantastic items as well. I don’t own any yet…but I am on the lookout. Lilly Pulitzer still exists – in fact 2009 is their 50th anniversary and they have a line that brings back old favorites. I’m working with their PR folks to get some images to post.


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  1. says

    I have been collecting vintage Lilly for about 15 years. To me, there is nothing more fun and summery than LP’s wackadoo prints and crazy color combos. In the last several years, I’ve also started collecting vintage Vera, which is almost as good and a little more affordable now that Lilly has become so popular again. Good luck with your search for the perfect frock!

  2. bepsf says

    I love Lilly!

    I’ve been collecting ties, pocket squares, swim trunks and blazers for the past couple years now: The former two I can get away with wearing to the office (My company is strictly suit & tie) and the latter always gets some looks and compliments when I’m at a party, in Vegas or on a cruise!

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