You can sleep when you’re old

avocado-floral-bedspreadThe difficulty with vintage is finding King size spreads, I think that Queen is difficult, too. This full-sized flower power spread has a wonderful satin finish… great avocado colors… This kind of quilting — when you actually quilt around the flowers and tuft them up, is really wonderful… it gives great dimension to what is otherwise a big, flat, box taking up most of your room. You also see this kind of detail quilting done with flowered chintzes sometimes. Nice.  From seller aubiejeanvintage. Watch my etsy favorites – over in the right-hand column — I’ll be adding bedroom this ‘n that all week.


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  1. Elaine says

    I think I had that one! Two twin size on the bunk beds my sister and I shared. That quilting is like trapunto, it really adds a sculptural quality to the pattern.

  2. says

    I’m so glad that you are doing this bedroom feature! It’s so true – you can find vintage full sized bedspreads all day but when it comes to King or Queen – wow, hard.

  3. St. Christopher says

    This will likely be “86’d” for being negative but vintage bedding is one of the places I have to draw the line. It’s a little like used undergarments. Wash them all you want and I still won’t wear them.

    Also, it’s pretty hard to find a queen size vintage Danish or American Modern bed. Did Heywood Wakefield even ever make queen size beds? I seem to find more King size than Queen, and then about a bazillion Full size to every one King!


    • pam kueber says

      hey, st. chris, i let your comment through. Hey, I even acknowledged the issue in the post if you take a close look. Also – there is now this big thing with bedbugs going around. So one must take care.

  4. m in minnesota says

    Now that you mention it , king size would be hard to find …I remember that linens were soooo expensive when I was growing up in the 60’s , I bet they were used until they were really worn out or even rotten…..My dad’s parents were the only people I knew that had a king size bed (my granddad was 6’4″) and my industrious little grandma used to make the bed spreads and even bought feather beds to make the king size pillows out of.

  5. hannah says

    THAT, is exactly what I’m looking for for MY ROOM! Too bad this post is from 2009….just my luck. That, is all sorts of lovely!

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