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  1. says

    speaking of throw pillows….Has anyone ever seen those travel souvenir pillow covers? They are usually wild colors with some sort of fringe around the edge. I found a few at a flea market when i was in high school and have been collecting them since (though i’m only 25). I think i have 20 or so now, but i never knew much about them. I am guessing they are from the 40s-60s, some come from military bases. I will have to photograph my collection and post a link… they are perfect for any mid century bedroom!

  2. MrsErinD says

    Hehe, like I said in the calico post, I like a bedspread pulled up over the pillows hotel style with just one cute round pillow as an accent the old way, not like now with pillow shams and 500 throw pillows, haha!

    Now years ago I liked shabby chic for a while and had more throw pillows and it used to drive hubby crazy, lol, but now I can understand why and I like it more simple too.

    I think if you like reading in bed or whatever, you could keep either those cute wrap reading pillows like in the post below, or bed or throw pillows on a chair or whatever nearby so you could grab them to use.

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