A metal bedroom set, deco style

steel-bedroom-setWOW. Now this is something I’ve never seen. Thanks to 52PostnBeam for spotting this steel bedroom set on craiglist and posting it on the Forum. So deco. All metal. $175 in Arizona – great deal. As 53pnb says:

Take your love of metal cabinets to the next level…or at least to the next room.

Reminds me, many readers have send me notes over the past two years asking me to do stories on Lustron homes…I actually know about these, have been in a few…I’ll get around to the topic some day! Meanwhile: A metal bedroom set — so cool.


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  1. nina462 says

    Ohhh…Lustron homes. I think there are 3 here in Kalamazoo, MI. If you need help finding out contact info–please let me know as I know the author of a book Kalamazoo Now & Then that features these homes (among others). She also gives walking tours of the city homes…but I digress.
    Let me know if I can help on that project…

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