Merry Mint-in-Box Madness

Oh my, this is one of the best MIB madness carousels yet. MIB Club Aluminum, in 70s avocado green. A Virtue dining set – gorgeous – in Bolivar, Missouri. MIB Melmac (ends today!) Parisian Prints linen towels with kitties and Santas.Bathroom chenille, GE Telechron, and a Jet-O-Matic that’s Dine-O-Mite. Are you ready yet for Santa’s big day?


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  1. Jeanne says

    I love that Avocado Club Aluminum set! I got the exact same thing (in pieces, not the set) for my wedding back in 1977. That was the best cookware ever! I lost the last few pieces in my divorce. haha. I don’t need any pots and pans, but if I had unlimited amounts of disposable income, I would definitely buy that set. 🙂

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