Rose red wallpaper

rose-red-sofa-and-wallpaperrose-red-steel-kitchenHere is a link to a Retro Renovation classic post from the early days, Dec. 2007. I found numerous rose red wallpapers from Thibaut that are excellent proxies for the vintage wallpaper that you get a peek of in the photos above. Rose red is a classic 50s color that you don’t really think about much…I’ve even spotted it in kitchens (click on thumbnail) which is quite something. Even better, I think the color — especially in those wallpapers! — would be wonderful for dining rooms — very convivial. Good for dinnertime cheer, although maybe not for your waistline.


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  1. Annie B. says

    I’ve seen a lot of red and green used in photos from ’50’s decorating and interior design books; funny how none of it looks Christmas-y.

  2. says

    I’ve seen a lot of red and bright blue, too. And I love how they mixed in a lot of gray to neutralize the brights. I’m so itching to redo my living room and now I’m considering including red in the color palate!!!

  3. says

    I went to an estate sale many years ago and the woman had a telephone room done in that type of papered wall with a red drape to close the door if you wanted to have a private call. And a small desk. It was wonderful.

  4. Sarah says

    This photo is the inspiration for my new living room. I painted the walls a blue-grey slate like in the photo. My sofa is ivory and I’ll be accessorizing with that rose red color. I’m stuck on what kind of area rug to get though.

    • pam kueber says

      Congratulations, Sarah. It sounds lovely. Perhaps an oriental rug that includes all your key colors? That’s what I have. It is very classic and really, sort of “neutral”. Even though the oriental rug is traditional, the overall room reads very “mid century (eclectic – modern and modest) because of the furniture, accessories, draperies and wallpaper. You can get orientals in a manufactured weave from companies like Karastan (go for all wool) … you can get very very expensive hand-tufted ones from rug stores … estate sales will deliver the best buys – and if you’re a patient and humble servant the retro decorating gods will deliver just what you need when you need it at a great price.

  5. Sarah says

    Thanks, Pam. I was looking on last night for rugs and there are some really pretty (but not stuffy) Oriental rugs that would “go.” I really want that vintage feel. I’m having trouble finding that shade of rose red too, for pillows and whatnot. I was just going to do a cherry red, but I don’t want the room to look patriotic or something, since the walls are that dark bluish gray. The walls are done, it’s just really challenging to find the other stuff!

  6. pam kueber says

    Sarah, unbelievable: I just opened an email from a paint company – this color is “on the horizon” for 2010. Told ya.

  7. Sarah says

    Thanks Pam, I’ve looked at Ikea already since we have one nearby. I just haven’t found what I want yet, although I don’t really know what i want. lol I think it’ll hit me when I see it. I also found some fabric on the cheap at a JoAnn Fabrics that’s closing (everything’s on clearance) for pillows. The color is “brick red” but it sure looks like rose red to me. I don’t know how to make anything other than a plain square pillow, but I couldn’t pass up the fabric.

    My new sofa came today. Got it from Macy’s and it has a cool retro feel. 🙂

  8. Sarah says

    I got the ivory. I found some pillow covers at Ikea in a color called “cerise,” which is pretty close to the rose red. I’d really like some throw pillows with a more retro shape, like the little round ones with the button. I got some clear ball lamps and a sunburst mirror at Target. It’s slowly coming together!

    • pam kueber says

      That’s great to hear, Sarah, how fun! Hey, check etsy for pillows – it’s always possible the retro decorating gods will have something for you there. Let me know when the room is ready for prime time on Retro Renovation. 🙂

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