The Kueber Five do The Monster Mash

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You know I’m excited about the big day. Here are me and my brothers and sisters, all babies, I’m the oldest. I like the part where I get to jolt them with electricity. Wuuuhaaahaaaa. Today is Ricky’s birthday — he’s the werewolf here, while in real life he has transformed into a marathon runner this year. Happy birthday, Ricky!


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  1. says

    JibJab is great! this one is very fun…and what a good looking family! you and your siblings have great, genuine, bright eye, smiles…makes you want to sit down and have a cup of joe with you all.

  2. gavin hastings says

    Wow! Very cool.

    Am I looking at the graphics? No. Listening to the song? Nope. I sat watching and thinking “Those parents certainly didn’t skimp on the dental work…Everybody has beautiful teeth!”

    Enjoy the weekend

  3. gavin hastings says

    Upon secnd viewing:

    Are we related???
    Your “monster” brother is the “separated at birth” twin of my brother Kevin! Really….

  4. says

    Hey Pam – This is awesome! I about wet my pants, thanks for the Friday morning chuckle. And oh yeah, I haven’t posted pictures of my remodeled kitchen yet where I used all your suggestions; the Dishmaster, turquoise boomerang countertops, stainless steel edging….I promise, they’re coming and I’ll email you as soon as I have my house back in order enough to take the photos and do the kitchen justice!

    Happy Halloween….

  5. Joe Felice says

    Damn, Pam, that Monster Mash was too cool! And Nora? What’s not to love? She’s everybody’s quintessential grandma. Can we a”adopt” her, since our grandparents are not with us any longer? (And for that matter, now, neither are many of our parents.) I believe the eyes are the windows to the soul, and when you look into Nora’s soul, you see goodness and love. I can picture her baking cinnamon rolls and sugar cookies in that marbelous kitchen! Or maybe preparing a big Italian meal, like my grandma used to. I get so nostalgic longing for those happy days of the ’50s when life was easy and people were good. Is that why so many of us “liberals” hearken for a better time when our country was the greatest? We had it all, didn’t we? You go, Nora!

  6. Joe Felice says

    Too cute, Pam! By the way, how do you know so much about the ’50s. You are too young to have been around then. You’ve hired an assistant? What happened to Matt?

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