More mint-in-box merry: Bubble-o-Bill Bubble Hat

With Christmas coming I am on the hunt for mint-in-box items that, under your tree, will set the mood for… 1964. In this bunch — notice the two great bucket purse kits. And when have you ever seen a Bubble-o-Bill Bubble Hat. There also is an Easy Bake Oven. My mom and dad would not let me have one of those. No batteries allowed in our house, it would have bankrupted us. I was so deprived, woe is me.


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  1. says

    hmm @ Bubble-O-Bill. I might need that. AND it’s aluminum to stop the govt from sending mind control rays at me!

    Pam, I know how you feel. I had a cousin the same age as me and we had some of the same toys, only HIS fire engine had hoses and shot water, and HIS battleship shot depth charges and missiles. I figured out many years later my mom would just take the stuff out of the box and throw it away before I ever knew it existed and she never had to clean it up. But I did have Creepy Crawlers with the electric metal stove that would burn your fingers as you cooked the Goop.

  2. atimicbowler-dave says

    Um, Pam?
    Did the old ones take batteries for sure? The ones I remember from the early 70’s that people’s sisters had (and OK, I admit it! I WANTED ONE TOO!)…plugged into the wall and had a little lightbulb in them for heat.
    Chloe’s does too…so the batteries?
    As a parent housing an easybake oven? If it were batteries that would be costly…it isn’t that.
    It’s the little teeny mixes! Ouch! Truly extortionate!
    If the little tiny mixes are to be avoided, well, mom and/or dad can make little teeny mix packets up. Simpler just not to buy the easy bake!

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