Julia Baum captures the “vibrant display of personality” in cookie-cutter tract houses — 50 years later


Take a neighborhood full of cookie-cutter tract houses …  let their owners fuss with them … and 50 years later photographer Julia Baum finds that they have been “transformed from modest white cubes into a vibrant display of personality and present a rebellion against conformity….human individuality cannot be contained. Inevitably it shines through even the most average facade.” I love her study, which demonstrates again that their is so much to love about our jewel box mid-century homes. No matter how small, the opportunity is there to make them our own.  Read more about Julia’s project and see her slide show of 13 same-yet-different homes here.


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  1. Retro Junkie says

    A few have very nice landscaping that makes them look quite upscale. But a couple look a though the bushes, and ivy have taken on a life of their own. But that is what makes them stand out to be unique! Who wants a home that looks just like 25 of your closest neighbors?

  2. says

    I agree with JAVA – we do the same thing, don’t we?! It’s so much fun to hunt down the time capsules (which I prefer), and fascinating to see what people have done (or let happen) to their homes over the years.

  3. Joselle says

    That’s the same model as my 1950 tract house in Sherman Oaks. They are early Trousdale homes! It’s a delight to walk around the ‘hood and see the different takes on a theme. Nice work, Julia!

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