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pam-kueber-gravatarIf you comment regularly, I highly recommend that you get yourself a Gravatar — a “globally recognized avatar.” This is a small image that you choose to represent you when you make comments on any blog or in a Forum. The software sees where you post your email address (required by most blogs) and then serves up the gravatar you have chosen. Here’s the website, it’s free, and pretty easy. Remember at the end to “confirm” the image that you have selected. If you are at a loss for an avatar – you can go to this site and create a Mad Men character that looks like you.


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    Nice article.

    One of my favorite ways to help folks who like to create a unique gravatar is to send them to :

    It’s a step by step tutorial on how-to take an everyday photo of yourself and make it a ‘cartoon’. It uses very basic Adobe Photoshop (doesn’t matter what version) steps and you can have it done in under 5 minutes!

    Find me on twitter: @CoreyEulas

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