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  1. atimicbowler-dave says

    Please, someone, anyone…
    Explain to me the paper hostess dress??!!??
    This does not look like too good an idea to me. None too durable. Perhaps that was the idea? Sort of a giftwrap on its’ own?
    Did anyone actually wear these things, and if so, why????
    My mind is running amok with incomprehension.

  2. Virginia says

    Paper dresses were a big fad in the ’60s. I am sure every era and culture has experimented with paper clothing. I believe Scott was responsible for part of the trend. The paper is not thin, but it is usually a one time wear thing. The ones I have seen were very vibrantly patterned.

    Additionally, lots of couture houses have shown paper clothes at one time or another. This season on “Project Runway” there was a “Design a Dress Out of Newspaper” challenge, and several of the looks were interesting/ pretty and wearable.

  3. magnarama says

    I seem to remember there was also a fad for paper panties at one time too, in the early ’70s … or am I confusing those with the edible underwear craze?

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