Bargello needlepoint pillows from Jonathan Adler


Update: I received on of these pillows for a gift. I seriously recommend that instead of buying these Adler pillows, you seek out vintage. Vintage bargello pillows have much tighter stitching — I think they are exponentially more beautiful — and way cheaper, too!

Original story: Bargello needpoint pillows were this week’s big learning for me. If you don’t have the time to look for vintage, and you have a little dough re mi to play with, head straight for all the mid-mod Bargello needlepoint pillows available from Jonathan Adler.

These pillows are bold punctuation marks to pull all of the colors in your room together. Adler has lots of oranges, teals and blues in this line, and a few “colors of the rainbow” designs. Unfortunately — no orange and danish modern mint for Rebecca… nor any orange and avocado for the fans of this classic 60/70s color combination. One tip: Vintage or new, be sure not to go all “square” look for rectangles like this, too, to add variety. Link: Bargello needlepoint pillows from Jonathan Adler.


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  1. madsarah says

    Jewelry made from “gems” polished in a rock tumbler and held together with those cheap gold-colored prongs. This is a fun conversation! Pam, you should do another one sometime on “scents” of the 60s and 70s if you haven’t already (Love’s Baby Soft, Charlie, Enjoli…).

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