Jennifer Greenburg’s “The Rockabillies”

JenniferGreenburgPortrait-460rockabillies-on-amazonJennifer Greenburg — above — is a photographer and university teacher in Chicago who also has become immersed in rockabilly culture. Moreover, she has channeled her passion into a seven-year project and captured 45 gorgeous photographs of rockabilly folk in her new book, The Rockabillies, that will be published later this month.

jennifer-greenburg-rockabillies-mid-century-modern-interiorThe photographs are stunning, and they show a deep respect and love for rockabilly fans who — like many of us, maybe even — are choosing to live a little outside the norm in terms of our aesthetic taste.

jennifer-greenburg-rockabillies-lime-kitchenThat said, I’m kinda thinkin’ that more and more now, our perspective — which decoratively, hones in on and celebrates the best of an exuberant era — is seeping into the mainstream. It’s so interesting to look at rockabilly and tiki — and then also at today’s Etsy folk, who are creating found art of every ilk — and think, “it’s all converging.” This makes me very very happy.

jennifer-greenburg-rockabillies-pink-carThese people are SO BEAUTIFUL! I’ve asked Jennifer if she can to answer a few questions for the blog about the rockabilly aesthetic, and I will post the interview as soon as it’s completed.

Links: Jennifer Greenburg’s website, including a larger gallery of photos. Readers in Chicago can attend the official book launch and signing, Jan. 26 at the The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. 6 p.m. And, thanks to Mary Deluxe – I read her blog and she first spotted this news in a TimeOut Chicago interview.

If you’d like to pre-order the book, I’ve put it in my Amazon store / Reading list.


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  1. says

    Whoa! I checked out the site with her photos from the book, BEAUTIFUL — did you see some of the lamps?? and furniture and the people…holy criminy, very nice…and the CARS! oh, the cars…

  2. says

    C’mon, everyone knows that any self respecting rockabilly only drinks PBR, or in a pinch, High-Life. hahaha. I’m qualified to make this comment as I’m a greasy rockabilly myself.

  3. Annie B. says

    Jeepers! This is so good it’s scary! Maybe mid-mod really IS mainstreaming. Won’t the infinite digressions be interesting to follow?! Rock on, Rockabillies……..I’ll be digging out a Buck Owens LP ASAP.
    Thanks for a great post! Can’t wait for the interview with Jennifer.

  4. says

    So…????? According to the author, if you were actually Alive in the 1950s, you can’t BE Rockabillie?? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. Pft. I was just a little KIIIIIDDD… Like.. I couldn’t BUY stuff!! Waaaaa.

    Well.. maybe she’ll retract or reconsider her age limitations to the genre. 🙂

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