• Yeehaw, mid-century *modern* and *modest*


    The retro decorating gods -- and I -- thank you. Photo by Erica Berger, thanks, E.

    Wednesday night update:
    Retro Renovation was one of 6 finalists in Apartment Therapy’s contest to choose the favorite home-design blog of 2009. Voting is now closed, and it looks like Remodelista is the winner, followed by Young House Love, and Decor8. Retro Renovation finished 4th — a fantastic outcome, in my mind, considering the nature of the blog, which is outside the mainstream, mass-market. I’ll do a follow up post after AT makes it all final, which they say is tomorrow night. So look for my official thank-you Friday morning. Meanwhile, my very sincere thanks to everyone who #1, voted us into the finals, and #2 then helped us make this great showing for mid-century *modern* and *modest* alike. xoxo pam
    the homies

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    1. Kathy Bush says:

      Merry Christmas Pam, and hope you win! (you should!)

    2. RetroRenovation is the go-to blog for mid-century home info of every kind, and I told ‘em so! Merry Christmas, Pam!

    3. I voted. Then, I took a little salt from my original Bing & Grondahl Seagull pattern shaker, threw it over my shoulder and wished you much luck.

      I am grateful for your hard work, Pam. Thank you.

    4. Merry Christmas Pam! You got my vote!

    5. No question about it! retrorenovation is the best. Your passion comes through in every single post, Pam. I’m sure you’ll have lots of good things up your sleeve for us in 2010.
      In the meantime I’m voting in the poll…but gee, it takes them a long time to register me and send me the link………grrrrrrr.

    6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Pam and everyone here! It was a pleasure to vote for you. Thank you for all your work!

    7. Can’t imagine voting for anyone else! So, I did :)
      I had to register as “AtomicTikimama” because someone had the gall to use my name! *humph*
      Merry Christmas to you Pam, and all the RetroRenovation Readers!

    8. Vote early and vote often! (just kidding!)

      Thanks to Pam for another great year of RR. No one deserves the award more than she does!

    9. Voted! Love your site and wish you nothing but the best! Thanks for being such a good resource for us all. “Mid Century Modest” is the best!

    10. You got my vote, Pam! Looking forward to another year of RetroReno! All the best for the new year. -Troy

    11. VOTED!! I love this site so much! I hope it wins!

    12. Give me an R! Give me an E! Give me a T! Give me an R! Give me an O! Whaddya got — Retro!

      It’s Number One! It’s Number One!

      Yea Pam! Go Pam Go!

      (Sorry. Been watching too many bowl games.)

    13. Horray!!! Just cast my vote……..keep on doing what you’re doing, Pam…you’re #1 in all of our books!! :-)

    14. I just cast my vote for you, Pam. Hope you win!

    15. It was a hassle to try to figure out that website…but well worth it so I could cast my vote for my fav website.
      You are a God-send! Hope you (we) win!

    16. Done. I finally took the time to register.

      –mcmodness :-)

    17. I voted!

    18. RetroSandie says:

      I voted, Pam!! I hope this site wins. Since I discovered you it’s now my daily window on all things retro. My favorite era…the era I grew up in!!! Even though I’m not actually renovating, I hope to begin acquiring some mid century furniture, etc. My BIG treat this year was my Little Beauty-a 4 ft. Evergleam aluminum tree with a color wheel of course! It brings me so much joy (as one did when I was a kid) that I may just leave it up to gaze at every night!! LOL

    19. This competition brought me out of the ‘lurker shadows’ to register and vote. I have enjoyed your site for months and now it’s time to acknowledge your great work. Thanks, Pam!

    20. I voted for you as well. Good luck!

    21. Ooo just saw this, I just voted, and I think you should win, this is the best blog out there! :O) If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have my corona sofa, and I have learned so much here!

      Good Luck Pam!!!

    22. Don’t know if it will help, but I had to give it a try…when I saw this post *late* last night, I wrote a post on my blog encouraging people to vote for you. Because I’m one of your biggest fans!

    23. We’re doing all we can to get you there, Pam! I just shared this on my Facebook – trying to get my friends to vote for you!

    24. my vote is in

    25. Registered (with another name) and voted late last night!

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