Mid-century “Early American” street sign

You know I do love my Royal Barry Wills’ houses. This one has a wishing well, a cupola with a cricket, a knotty pine den and Early American kitchen wallpaper. But best of all: the sweetest ever vintage street sign. Will the list of things I find to covet never ever end? Good job on the real estate agent who included this photo in the listing.


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  1. MrsErinD says

    Oh yes I just adore that knotty pine den and the kitchen wallpaper too!
    But also did you see the drapes and coffee table in the den, love, and in the one attic looking bedroom that awesome early american sofa and chair with cute afghan and pillow! That’s a gorgeous house!

  2. Retro Junkie says

    I love knotty pine. I hate it when you see a decorating show on the tube and the first thing they do is PAINT IT! Such a shame.

  3. Annie B. says

    What a charmer. With nearly 3K square feet and that large lot, it’s actually a bargain. Really does look like Mr. Blandings dream house!

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