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  1. MrsErinD says

    Ohhhhhhhh MY! That is the dreamiest vanity I’ve ever seen!

    Hmmm, I’m in PA, we could drive down to VA, lol, but I know Hubby wouldn’t want to spend the money right now, sigh.

    I’m just happy they see it’s potential and didn’t just throw it away!

  2. James says

    The laminate vanity top in our master bath [from 1963] has the same marbleized look but without the pink cast. We are planning to keep the laminate top as long as it is in good shape. Never thought of cladding an entire vanity with the laminated stuff. Interesting!

  3. James says

    Thanks Pam- for whatever reason, I have not encountered many laminate covered vanities in my travels through vintage homes- family and friends homes, estate sales, etc. I’m guessing that these vanities are vanishing fast. Harder to adapt to changing tastes than, say, ceramic floor and wall tiles.

  4. TappanTrailerTami says

    Ohhh Pam……don’t you think you should do your retro “civic duty” and email the seller a link to “Save the Pink Bathrooms”???? I mean, it looks like it is still installed, with wonderful pink tile in the background. Maybe they would find some great inspiration and just keep it. Just sayin’……..

  5. genjenn says

    Oh my stars! That is one delicious vanity. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get to see it installed in its new, gloriously pink-bathroom home.

  6. says

    Oh how Glam! I would decorate with mirrors and lights with crystals and some chrome, definitely a pink powder puff for after bathing and a chiffon robe with feathery cuffs for the lady of the house.

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