California time capsule houses

Java1888 is doing excellent retro recon these days, and has captured 33 photos in his “time capsules” set on flickr. This past weekend, he stumbled into an Asian-styled ranch full of delights. Alas, he admits, “The house is 90% likely to be gutted, it’s in a really exclusive area of town… [where] people … think wallpaper is the devil.” I know it’s wrong wrong wrong to stereotype, and “no one can be made to feel bad for their choices” and all… but alas, I fear Java is right. And the wallpaper in this house… well, let’s say, I’m on the devil’s side. Thank you, J, for all the lovely vintage eye candy. Keep up the good work. Here’s his flickr time capsule set.


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  1. Cindy says

    Truly spectacular. re: the picture of the vanity with the big sign that said “Do not open”…..I wonder what’s in there and why I want to open it so badly! Great find, let’s hope it gets preserved tastefully…if not, maybe the new owners will at least find new homes (via ebay) for all those fixtures.

  2. Retrotravelgirl says

    Where is this place???? Is it on the market? Our house would have been a victim of this same crime had ew not saved it and got historical landmark designation. WHO are these people?????

  3. says

    If I had found an estate sale like this in my area, I’m afraid I would never have left. What a wonderful treat to see the pictures – thank you Java1888.

  4. MrsErinD says

    Oh that asian home is dreamy, sigh. I just love it! Ooo and I love all the wallpaper too, I am a wallpaper person!
    Ya, when we get new carpet I would like either shag or sculpted. I like carpeting too, I know some people hate that as much as wallpaper.

  5. says

    What little gems! I loved these pics. My favorite is the wallpaper in the foyer of the first house and the lattice style wallpaper in the bathroom. It’s true what they “what’s old is new”. I’ve seen current designer’s use updated versions of these wallpapers and textiles. Have a great weekend!

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