Eye-popping 1974 time capsule house in Nashville

Meanwhile, in other time capsule news, reader Lisa spotted this one and writes:

Hi! …I don’t even know if time capsule covers it. This house must have actually been buried in the ground since the mid 70s and only recently unearthed….The light fixtures in the bathroom. The raised platform and the wallpaper in the yellow bedroom. The matching curtains and bedspread in the other bedroom. The matching WALLPAPER AND CURTAINS in the other, other bedroom. Are you kidding me? This house is mint-in-box. I’m always finding great ideas through your site, I thought I’d return the favor. 🙂 Cheers, Lisa

Incredible house, Lisa, I WANT IT. Consider the favor: Returned! Many thanks.
Picasaweb album – many additional views.


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  1. Emily says

    And I just love that the second floor is sort of a main floor also – really interesting. Does anyone know what that style is called?

  2. says

    I remember *so* badly wanting a spiral staircase like that when I was little. I hadn’t realized how actually very much tied to that era they are…you just don’t see them often now.

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