Ikea kitchen sinks with retro style

I rarely feature products from Ikea, mostly because I do not live near one but also because so many other blogs seem to spotlight their stuff a lot. However, these two kitchen sinks recently came onto my radar. I will add them to the Product Guide for renovators to consider for their kitchen updates, and hunt and peck their site more diligently for appropriate and affordable choices for mid-century homes.

The white sink, the Domsjo, echoes the look of mid-century double-bowl sinks, and it’s nice and big. A key difference from the Kohler Bakersfield, which remains my top choice, is that the Ikea model has no hudee ring, only one hole and is a bit more modern in that ridged deck toward the back.  But it is most certainly modern and nice and big like the oldies.

Remember: You can get this Dishmaster in a WALL-MOUNT configuration, too.

The Boholmen steel sinks are pretty cool indeed – and the price is terrific. This particular model is $146. I think this is way way cheaper that the Elkays — which are a longtime recommendation, and which include many more variations including double drainboard set-on-top-of-your-sink-cabinet sinks. The key challenge with this Ikea sink is where to put the faucet. If you set this into laminate, I would be concerned about the long-term durability of the laminate where it meets the faucet. Alternatively, you might try a wall-mount Dishmaster with this sink. Or, gasp: granite or Caesarstone or Silestone. Then again, if you can afford granite or caesarstone or Silestone, go look at the Elkay, too.



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    • pam kueber says

      I do not know, you need to check with Ikea. Note, I am not sure this sink is even still available, I think there was a comment recently that it was discontinued. See our Drainboard Sink page for more research (use Search box to get there.)

        • Kathy says

          Just checked and the sinks are still available. There is a special tool you can buy to drill your own holes in the stainless sinks, so apparently at least their own faucets fit. I lived in German for many years and all my (older) apartments had wall mounted faucets, which I really like–so easy to get a big pot under it or to wash a large pot that doesn’t fit into the basin. Love an integrated drainboard too.

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