Dorothy Thorpe roly poly glasses, 1956 chrome soap dishes & more mid mod MIB madness

Denise recently turned me on to Dorothy Thorpe roly poly glassware. Delicious, indeed. When I get back from Charlotte, I think that I will be doing a lot more on vintage barware. Also in this group, some interesting chrome soap dishes circa 1955 and 1956, and a mint-in-box Dishmaster with a groovy old-style sunburst cover plate.Disclosure: Retro Renovation is a member of the ebay partner network and receives a small commission on any item you bid on and buy when you click into ebay from here (a great way to support the blog. Many thanks.)


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  1. Kelly says

    Wow! We’re nearly finished restoring our 1956 guest bathroom and I want that soap dish! I’ll bid through your link…thanks!

  2. Annie B. says

    Thanks for the e-bay fun! I’d love to see you do more on vintage barware in the future. The season of “outdoor living” is quickly approaching; we need inspiration for re-creating the perfect vintage “patio look”.

    Have a great time in Charlotte, Pam. How I wish I could be there. So close, and yet, so far! You’ll knock ’em out, I’m sure. Enjoy your trip to NC! Perhaps you can visit the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area one day and view the great examples of MCM architecture there.

  3. karen says

    Thanks for the tip on the Dorothy Thorpe glasses, very cool. I’ve got several roly poly auctions on my eBay “watch” list.

  4. Carlyn says

    People, if you’re shopping for Dorothy Thorpe, please educate yourselves before you buy. Not everything with a “silver” rim is Dorothy Thorpe. You can find some great bargains on authentic Dorothy Thorpe glassware, etc., on eBay, but lots of people just get ripped off. A good place to start is replacements-dot-com. Happy shopping to all!

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