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  1. says

    wow, that is a huge set. too bad they don’t have that one little spacer piece I’ve been after for months now. Hope someone on here gives that set a nice new home. I paid a lot more than that for my set, too.

  2. Rebecca Prichard says

    OMG, beautiful! I would so buy those. And, btw, I think yellow may be the BEST color for a kitchen. So warm and cheery.

  3. Dave says

    That is the perfect shade of pale yellow. I think I just found the color I want to paint my kitchen/diningroom. Now to find a matching wall paper for the accent wall.

    • pam kueber says

      I have been thinking about yellows – it can be hard to find the right shade, on that is not to glaring. I painted a bedroom yellow once — we just kept adding white until the paint got to the correct shade. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  4. Marie says

    My mother always wanted a yellow kitchen, and I remember being younger and saying it would be icky. Since then, I have grown, and actually think they’re very charming. Even if I had kept the same opinion, I would’ve switched in a heartbeat after seeing those cabinets. Just too cute!

  5. Alice says

    How can this be removed from Craigslist already??? I wish I didn’t have to work so I could respond faster to these great finds that you post Pam…I am really losing out by my time delays! I would love to have added some of these cabinets to my kitchen, but the posting has been removed already. Drats.

  6. CindyD says

    I love yellow rooms, but they are tricky! The kitchen above is gorgeous! An interior designer friend once said yellow was the most difficult color to get right. What works in one room, might look horrid in the room next to it. It all depends on the light (natural and otherwise). But if you keep trying ‘until you get the correct shade’ – those rooms can really sing! Having said that, our kitchen (soon to be renovated) is painted in the harshest shade of lemon yellow, and the CFL light bulbs are casting a peculiar greenish ick in the room – I can hardly stand it any longer!

  7. tailfin says

    I used a butter yellow as the wall color for all of the common rooms (including the kitchen) in a previous home and it looked wonderful. The trim and ceilings were white.

    The kitchen had no windows but had a half-wall open to a dining room with banks of windows on 2 sides, so it got enough light. I had white cabinetry and very light red birch flooring. Plus my pink 1960 Frigidaire Imperial refrigerator looked spectacular in this setting.

    This home had vaulted ceilings and lots of natural light, so the yellow just added to the airy feeling throughout the home. I highly recommend butter yellow with white trim.

    • carina says

      we are trying to sell our yellow and green metal geneva cabinets and have no idea where to post them for sale. They are in great condition. Any suggestions? We live in the DC/MD area.

  8. Diane Paine says

    Wanting to redo the kitchen in the fall and my heart is set on vintage steel. An elderly friend has then and I am so impressed with how easy they clean. At the beginning of the search and happy to have found this site.

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