Russel Wright clock & lots more mint-in-box madness

There is so much great vintage stuff showing up in my ebay searches every day that I think I will have slide show widgets every day this week. Remember (Disclosure): Anything that you buy — from these ebay carousels or otherwise — when you click into ebay via any link on my site nets me a teensy commission.


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Get our retrolicious free newsletter.


    • pam kueber says

      Joe, the ebay widgets are fine on my end. I checked in both Firefox and IE. Hmmm. Clear your cache? Are you on IE? Latest version – 8?

  1. says

    Bad Pam, Bad, bad Pam! Making me look at cool stuff and then sometimes making me spend my money! Bad Pam!

    Thank you! You do save me hours of searching for all the cool stuff I didn’t know I needed! 🙂

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