Retro bathroom light for above a vanity

Lauren D. gets major snaps for her sleuthing, which uncovered this new bathroom light for our decorating arsenal. She writes:

Hi Pam!
I know you’re busy so I’ll keep this short. I have been searching for the right bathroom vanity light for my main bath, and it’s hell to decide on one. I have put in bids on ebay for the “u” shaped lights- only to get outbid at the last minute. I have contemplated just going modern with a traditional twist. But tonite I think I found one that MIGHT just do the trick. I know Lowe’s sells something similar, but until now I have never seen any with a pattern! yay!!!! In a few weeks I’m hoping to have a before/after set of pix to share with you ..and a full story of joy & tears. Just about Everything to save that beloved pink tile.. hehe.

Lauren’s find is: the Nuvo 76-277. It holds four bulbs — so that’s a lot of good light. Search the light online by its name and number, and you will find it available from a number of online retailers for as little as about $25 plus shipping. I presume that you also may be able to order it from a local retailer or even a big box hardware store (and possibly save the shipping charges). Via email, Lauren and I even discussed swapping out the plastic knobs in the front for chrome — I am pretty sure you can find these at electric supply stores.

Thank you, Lauren, and yes, let us know when your pink bathroom is ready for prime time. Joy & tears: Oh my, we must know all.


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  1. says

    Thanks for this post! We are redoing our bathroom and bought 2 of these lights. It’s the first thing friends have been commenting on, and they are by far the cheapest thing in the bathroom!

    I’ve been trying to find chrome replacement parts for the knob / bezel part and I think I found some here:

    I’m hoping that they will fit. I had a hard time searching for them but they are called Chrome 8/32 Cap Nuts at this website. My big box retail store in town only had brass ones (barf!) and smaller hardware stores didn’t have any, so I am going to take a chance online.

    • pam kueber says

      Woot – and 10 cents. Try an electrical supply store — I think my electrician found me some there, when I had new/old lights put into one of my bathrooms.

  2. Robin says

    Lauren – thank you sooooo much for this info. I got the light fixture at Home Depot and bought a vintage glass “U” shade from a 1960s motel to go with it. So cool. I now have the safety and security of a modern electrical fixture with the AWESOME retro style I was looking for. So glad I read this site faithfully for my little mid century ranch.


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