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  1. Jeanne says

    I was looking at those pictures yesterday. I guess he would have been 80 years old yesterday. 🙁 Oh-what- a-beautiful-man! He was the epitome of cool. And his house is nice, too.

  2. gavin hastings says

    I always wondered “Is this guy for real?” and suspect he wasn’t.
    This chapter makes me sad and I find the photos as staged as his persona
    Steve died at FIFTY ridldled with cancer.

    Pam, I know this is not where you were going with this …but…

  3. says

    Wow Gavin, jealous much. If I didn’t know any better judging by your little Avatar pic I’d say you and McQueen have similar dashing good looks.If there’s one thing to remember about Steve McQueen, it was that he really was that cool. He was the George Clooney of his day. He raced cars like it was his full time job, he was that serious about it.

  4. gavin hastings says

    On a lighter note- Please continue on the LIFE link to “Stars at Home”……you just have to see Jayne Mansfield’s shag rug covered bathroom…..It could be your poster child for “Save the Pink Bathroom”. Maybe.

    • pam kueber says

      yes, gavin, i have seen that photo before. i have never featured it because it is copyrighted by time/life. (that is why you only see a screen shot of the steve mcqueen page on my site – not any of the photos in their entirety.)

  5. Frank says

    Great pictures. His “Palm Springs bungalow” was an Alexander track home in Raquet Club Road Estates in north Palm Springs. I love the indoor pictures in the original kitchen. Raquent Club Road Estates is a really cool neighborhood. Here is the neighborhood website:

    McQueen’s Southridge PS house is currently on the market for over 3 mill.

  6. Zew Croo Mom says

    I always wondered what people in SoCal did with fireplaces. Apparently, you can put a record player in them!

    • Lawrence Bill says

      Fireplaces are actually the best place to put turntables because they eliminate room-borne vibration. Steve McQueen was actually pretty smart when it came to mechanical things.

  7. says

    What a treat! I “came of age” in the 70’s and like so many young women at that time, I LOVED Steve McQueen. I guess I hadn’t remembered that he was only 50 when he died. Joe is right – Steve was the George Clooney of his day. Happy 80th birthday Steve!

  8. Barbara says

    I’m so excited to look through these. Like Janice, Steve McQueen was my idol in those days–my best friend and I were first in line whenever a new movie of his came out. To this day, when his movies come on TV I go gaga!

  9. says

    My, my, my. I can’t thank you enough for posting this, Pam. Pure 60’s beefcake, er, I mean what great interiors! Inspiring. I recognized his tv stand from our late 50’s early 60’s mobile home that was our vacation home. (I wish I had pictures to post.) Cool baby, cool.

  10. RetroSandie says

    Pam, love the pictures. The Life site was a great find. It’s nice to take a peek back at famous people with their life and times as well as their dwellings, as it is to also see stories about “normal” folks in lots of black and white photos. It was all cool!! 🙂

  11. Julie says

    Thanks so much for posting these! Wow, I love me some Steve McQueen. He’s one of my Dad’s favorite actors, so I grew up watching his fantastic films. Even though he would only be a year younger than my grandmother were he still alive, he was a smokin’ hot man! (Of course, in these pics, he’s basically my age.)
    Plus that house is AWESOME!

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