Hall-Mack Coronado reproduction bathroom hardware — and lots of supply parts — from Larsen Supply Company

Commenting on my FAQ about where to find things like replacement chrome soap dishes and other bathroom hardware parts, reader Lauren suggested we take a look at the Larsen Supply Company. Indeed, it’s a keeper. Looks like this company wholesales a line of reproduction Hall-Mack bathroom hardware — repro Coronado towel bars and rings, a soap and toothbrush holder, a toilet paper holder — and two styles of robe hook in a size I find most desirable. 

I also like the look of the Modern line, and especially that matchy matchy glass shelf on chrome brackets. In addition, take a look through this catalog, and you will see that Larsen has a 1920s or 1930s simple, “Decko” line of bathroom hardware… and, they have numerous options for parts. Now, if you want these… you are going to have to track them down. Head over to their home page to see the retailers that they service, which include: Ace Hardware, Handy Hardware, HWI, Orgill Bros., and True Serv. Snaps to you, Lauren, many thanks for this great tip!


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  1. LornaLou says

    Yes, it seems that tracking stuff like this down these days is a lil bit of a challenge. I’m sure more of us will have more luck trying to order online, or at a small plumbing supply store. All I know is, the bigger Ace hardware near here got rid of their “special orders” desk, and pretty much scoffed me right out of the store when I suggested ordering from Nutone through them. No doubt a smaller store would be more willing to make the effort.(where has all our Customer service gone?).. Perhaps even Mac the Antique Plumber has a way of getting some stuff from Larsen. It would be worth a try!!! 🙂

    • pam kueber says

      Lorna Lou, the first place I’d try is deabath.com — as you may have noticed, they are now advertising on my site (see button in right-hand sidebar) and I have always found them to be very helpful. I’m sure if the *can* do it, they will.

      • AJ Ginther says

        Hi Pam…just noticed this post, I know it’s a bit old but you seem to be the one to talk to about Hall-Mack. I just got my hands on some “New old stock” Hall-Mack bath accessories., All in 50’s/60’s style boxes unopened, perfect condition. Several No. 650 toothbrush holders, No 820 and 821 soap dish holders. Also a few Miami Carey No 164 paper holders. I thought I would mention them here before I list them on e-bay, or maybe you can suggest a better place to list them here. I’m new, so I don’t want to step on anyones toes, or violate a use policy. First time posting, but have loved and perused the sight for over a year. Thanks.

  2. AE says

    This is too funny – I have a bathroom full of Coronado. The concealed toothbrush holder is something all my friends have to try out (seriously, when I have guests, I can hear it being opened when people go into the room). I am a big fan of my Relaxation Unit – it’s the best idea ever and I’m not ashamed to admit that these gimcracks in the bathroom were a huge selling point for me when I bought my 1958 ranch from the original, 97-year old owner. I added a Towel-e-scope I bought online, and replaced a replacement towel ring with a Coronado from eBay (the original lucite(?) one had broken, I found the remains in a drawer). I also found a MIB double robe hook in the bathroom closet during renovation, so I installed it. After I had replaced the plastic switchplates with chrome ones, the whole thing came together beautifully. And yes, all original fixtures, tile, vanity, etc…but buff and white. So much easier to live with as a man than pink (sorry)!

  3. says

    I just noticed (don’t know how it escaped my attention) that my parents have a towel bar in one of their bathrooms I’ve never seen the likes of before. Their home was built in the 1930s, but there were significant “upgrades” done in the 1950s. This bathroom may have been one of them. It has things like the hooks that are in the top photo, and the two soap dishes and the toilet paper holder are all recessed. Anyway, the towel bar is very much like the standard issue on the left side of the top photo, except that the bar is tipped so that it’s profile is diamond-shaped rather than square. Has anyone ever seen this kind of towel bar?

  4. Kirsten says

    My husband and I have just bought a 1950s ranch with 2 original bathrooms full of Hall Mack hardware. Unfortunately, the soap dishes and toothbrush holders have “disappeared” over the years, and we’re left with the original brackets set in the tile. Has anyone bought the repro Coronado accessories from Larsen? Do you know if they will retrofit the original brackets?


    • pam kueber says

      i don’t know the answer to this one. you could always buy the replacements — checking first that they can be returned if they don’t fit… see my jan. 1 essay “the hard way” – welcome to Retro Renovating!

  5. Cindy Layfield says

    I am in desparate need of the flush mounting brackets for my 1950’s Hall-mack chrome towel bar. The one I have is 1-1/2 x 1″ with two raised bumps on top to fit into the corresponding holes on the bracket. My entire house is original 1950’s so I do not want to change out any of the fixtures. Can you help me locate the bracket?

      • John Bird says

        I was a Hall-Mack salesman for many yrs. The wall plates you are looking for were called the S600. The square gray looking one (pot metal) were ordered as 600O/S (for old style). The new style, shinny steel ones are just referred to S600’s. Hope this helps after all these yrs. MuTone bought Hall-Mack late 1975. Contact a dealer & order a HM S600. They put HM in front of all Hall-Mack #’s. Try Acme Hdwe. in LA also, they were a very large dealer!

        John Bird

        • Grant Mitchell says

          John, I have Hall Mack towel bars and one of the mounting plates has the two nubs at the top broken off. There are no screw holes on this plate. I tried prying it off with no luck at all. Makes me think that plate may have had a spike on the back for driving into a stud to be tiled around later. Can you tell me more about these mounts?

  6. Abby Vanderbilt says

    Hi Pam,
    I notice that comments have not been posted on this thread for a while but I wondered if you could direct me to any places that I could purchase NOS or replicas of chrome bathroom hardware (tooth brush holders, towel racks, TP holders etc). I checked out the Larsen site but their closet retailer is 2 hours away. Thank you so much!


    • pam kueber says

      Watch ebay like a hawk. Put in a search for Hall-Mack. There is a pretty constant supply of NOS.

  7. Matt says

    A friend has a mint condition Hall Mack relaxation unit for sell on eBay. eBay item number:221923429023
    Make her an offer.

  8. Jeff Cooke says

    Hello to all looking for Hall-Mack parts. I was trying to locate the wall brackets for vintage towel bars , but it turned out that wasn’t an easy thing to do. I asked my son to make me one with a 3-D printer and IT WORKS . He recently uploaded a 3-D print file to Thing i Verse so you can print out a replacement part . It is similar to the original pot metal version. 1 and 1/2 by 1 inch . It’s a super easy DIY.

  9. John Bird says

    I was w/Hall-Mack in sales for many yrs. back in the 60’s & 70’s. The part you want is a S600 o/s (old style). Google Nutone/Broan, Nutone bought Hall-Mack back in ’76. Call customer service & tell them you need the HM S600 o/s wall plate, pot metal. Hope this helps you.

    John Bird

    • Grant Mitchell says

      I have a Hall Mack towel bar with a mounting plate that has no screw holes. Is this secured with mastic/grout or is there something else holding this in place like a spike? Tried with no luck to remove it. I have plates with screw holes that I could replace it with if I could manage to remove it.

  10. Susan Komczyk says

    As a manufacturer of Hall Mack-like reproductions, do you make the revolving tooth brush holder, or do you have any plans to? I’ve been trying to track one down and when they show up for auction or sale they are instantly scooped up and selling for around $300. , even though the condition could terrible. Have you ever considered bringing them back?

  11. Nancy says

    Just bought 2 pieces, soap holder and tumbler holder, new in box on ebay for $30 with shipping. Can’t beat that. Check ebay.

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