Oven and gas cooktop for a mid-century modern kitchen: ala vintage Thermador

Researching kitchen appliances, I spotted this Smeg “Piano” built-in oven and gas range top. The Smeg Piano built-in oven immediately reminded me of the look of vintage Thermador — even the oven featured in Kristen’s Easter photograph yesterday. The Smeg Piano gas cooktop (also available for LP), meanwhile, has a UFO ready-for-blast off look. These two appliances have exteriors of polished stainless steel — I think that means just like the stainless steel countertop edging I found at New York Metals. If you are renovating your kitchen and need new appliances suitable for a mid-century look, I think these look like real contenders. Available from various retailers. Oven starts at about $2,100, 5-burner cooktop at just over $1,065, based on prices I spotted at A.J. Madison online.

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  1. Rene says

    I have an authentic Thermado wall oven that looks very similar to the Piano. We took it out of a house built in 1956. It works fine and is in good shape. I’ve been storing it for two years and its time for a new home. Hit me up if you have a use for it. I’m in Jacksonville, FL.

  2. Evan says

    We are in the process of restoring a 1948 ranch style home. The kitchen is currently equipped with coppertone electric cooktop and built-in oven. I prefer gas, so we are on the search for replacements. These look very good to me, but I don’t care for stainless steel. I wonder if they are available with enamel finishes. I would go for a vintage set, however they are just not to be found in gas, and my husband is not in favor of “re-installing” and old appliance anyway, even if we did fine a great set in say..aqua?
    I don’t think the coppertone pieces are the original anyway, so I don’t feel bad about letting them go. They work, but I’m not crazy about the color…so out they go.

  3. Michelle Cummins says

    I have a Thermador oven and cook top stove. Did not know they were collectors items until I came to this website.
    Any ideas on how to restore them? The cook top needs repair?

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