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  1. Alice says

    Hi Pam – nice collection – I love that pink and blue kitchen! Hey, I think the blue liner tiles are mine from my blue bathroom. I probably sent the pictures to you when we bought the house 2 years ago…just before your website started growing like a vine! 🙂

  2. Cindy says

    Now I’m daydreaming of St. Charles kitchen cabinets! Beautiful!!! Oh, and those rock n roll cake candles make my day every time I see them. You’re going to have to turn your house into a museum, Pam!

  3. says

    omg that aqua and pink kitchen! it needed restoring but I would fall over if I walked into a house while house hunting and saw that. wow!

  4. says

    I want that Drexel tv in the worst way. What a funny design idea. As much as I love the solidly square shape of many MCM tv sets, sometimes I like to see people think outside the “box”. Best example: this 1960 Philco “Continental” ( looks like it not only broadcasted but was FROM the Outer Limits.

    Great post (as usual).

  5. Linda Blackmore says

    I’m so glad I found you. I’ll probably never have the MCM house I want, but I can come on here and look at all the good stuff and take a trip down memory lane. Thanks, Pam.

  6. Janet Gore says

    What I wouldn’t give for that Kwitset atomic starburst escutcheon — the outline for it is imbedded in my front door ….

  7. Amy Hill says

    The pink & blue kitchens are so cute! Look like they ought to be in a doll house! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  8. Heidi Swank says

    The blue and peach bathroom with the boomerang laminate on the front and sides is from the guest bathroom in our rental house. We put the grey boomerang laminate in the pink master bath and the aqua on the kitchen countertops and bar. The picture of the starburst escutcheon reminds me that we need to get the one we have on the front door of the rental house, too. Excellent photos.

  9. Susie says

    I think that aqua and pink GE ktichen with the black and white floor may be my definition of perfect. I want it, and it makes me want to redo my pink kitchen to look like it!

  10. Catz says

    Love love LOVE that pink bathroom…but what a SIN to take it apart! Can you imagine walking in there every day???

  11. dinergirl2000 says

    Is photo #8 a bread drawer? We had one of those in the house where I grew up and it’s where my mom would keep bread and pastries. I remember going in there to sneak donuts and cookies.

  12. nina462 says

    So for my birthday yesterday, my brother got me a plastic kleenex box (with starburst) for the bathroom….complete with ciggarette burn (ha). and a plastic milk carton holder…..such tiny lovely gifts that put a smile on my face, as does this thread/website.

  13. says

    WOW I wish I had seen the free pink bathroom when it was posted! I live in Atlanta in a 50s ranch which the previous owner renovated… which included completely ripping out the original bathroom. Now my goal is to put it back the way it was!

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